Use Youtube for Promotion and Marketing

With Intuit’s SiteBuilder program, it’s extremely easy to get a website published on the Internet. Promotion and marketing will be the biggest challenge every Homestead website owner will face. The one thing that is not provided in your package is a lot of information on  how to get regular visitors coming into your website. You can use Youtube to give your site a good jump start.

Promotion Through Using Other Peoples Youtube Videos
There are a couple of marketing ideas which worked for me that will help you get visitors coming to your pages by using videos. When I first began using the Homestead SiteBuilder it was just a couple of years after Youtube came on the scene.

Seeing the value in people wanting to watch quality videos, I would spend hours on the short movie provider’s website looking for funny clips. I began to assemble a small section on my website that just had hilarious short videos on it. People always share funny stories, jokes, books and now Youtube videos with others.

As I would find the clips to place on my Homestead website, then I would write a two to three hundred word description of what the video was about. I would always try to think of what someone would type into Google to find the video. This made writing content easy and also it was fun because the clips were so entertaining.

Not long after I began marketing (learn how with the Homestead SEO eBook) like this, traffic started coming to my pages from search engines. There were many people who would search for the videos through Google and find my website. Sometimes, I would be the number one choice in the results pages. This brought a decent amount of traffic into my site.

Marketing By Developing  My Own Youtube Videos
A secondary way that I have leveraged the use of video to get traffic coming to my Site Builder web pages is by creating tutorial videos for Homestead Website Users. This has brought hundreds of hits to my pages. Once the videos have been created, I then upload them to other video websites. Promoting and marketing a website through the use of video is a powerful way to get loads of visitors. Doing website promotions this way is fun and challenging at the same time.

  • Tip: There are several free screen recorders that are available on the Internet if you would like to give it a try. Just do a Google search for them.

When you produce your own clips, it is a must to include the full URL address of your website in the “more info” section on the right side of the video’s page. This is how people come to your website through Youtube.

You can also add annotations to the videos with the special feature provided with the video creation tools. I always add the URL of the website with the annotations feature as well as put it in the “more info” section.

I have to admit that when I first started building websites with the Site Builder, I thought the visitors would just automatically come. They did not. I had to work hard to learn how to make my sites popular places for people to visit.

This is why I developed the free eBook on How to Increase Visitors to a Homestead Website. Inside I have outlined thirty ways to get more people checking out your web pages through various means of promotion. The use of Youtube videos is one of the ways that turned out to be extremely successful for me during the initial marketing stages.