Write More Articles -Make More Money

Do these three things, write optimized articles, get more website visits and then make more money. These are the things that must be done in order to achieve any level of success with your Intuit/Homestead website. Unless you plan on spending a ton of money on advertising, this is the way to get free traffic. You can get good results with the Sitebuilder, if you get your focus in the right areas.

Why you need to write articles

All of the search engines will find you through putting together various combinations of words on your Sitebuilder pages. The more words you publish, the better your chances of being found become. This is why you need to continually be publishing new and fresh content for your Intuit/Homestead website niche.

Learn Homestead website SEO too, if you want to really achieve greater levels of success with your website SEO is a must.

Writing affective content:

1) Learn Homestead Website SEO

2) Learn how to do keyword research

3) Publish an article per day

As you learn more about optimizing your pages and continue to publish articles on a daily basis, you will see an increase in website visitors. If you have registered with various affiliate companies for Homestead website users and strategically placed banners and text links on your article pages, you will make money.

If you have only purchased a five page website package from the Intuit/Homestead company, you will need to start a free WordPress.com blog. As you publish articles, create back-links that direct people to your money pages on your Sitebuilder pages that you have your affiliate companies set up on. You can also add additional pages to your account with a Sitebuilder upgrade if you would rather keep all of your information on your website.

Give it a try for a six month period and see what happens. Much of the results that you achieve will depend upon the level of competition that there is in your niche. Try to find keyword phrases that others have not discovered yet.