Why so Little Website Traffic and Few Visitors

I can tell you the reasons! I wondered why there was very little traffic coming to my Homestead website. I had built several pages and was getting few visitors per day. I want to share with you some highlights from the techniques that I’ve mastered in order to increase the number of people that come to my sites.

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Building traffic to a Homestead website is something that progresses over time, but there are specific things that you must do in order to see positive results in this arena.

If you haven’t read the Homestead website traffic eBook yet, I recommended that you download it. It can be found at the HomesteadUsers.com website. There are thirty suggested ways of increasing website visits in the ebooks content.

Traffic Building Strategies

There are three major things that can be done to see an increase in visitors. Tutorials for all three of these suggestions can be found in the Homestead Users Marketing Center.

1) Learn How to Optimize Your Website– You must develop an understanding of exactly what you must do inside the SiteBuilder program. Trust me you will not be able to figure this optimization thing out on your own. Get our product designed specifically for working inside the Site Builder program to help you learn about optimizing your pages. There are about twelve things that must be done in a certain fashion in order for you to increase in website visits.

2) Link Building-What used to be a well-kept secret is all over the Internet. Building quality links is a great way to increase the amount of visitors that come to your site. This approach takes loads of time before you see positive results, but it must be done.

3) Creating a sitemap, uploading it into the Site Builder and notifying Goolge that you have one is a great way to enjoy an increase in visitors.

There are at least thirty things that need to be done in order to get traffic coming into a Homestead website. One of the best things that you can make a regular practice of is generating content. Not just any kind of content though, it should be optimized content.

What’s Hindering Me From Getting Traffic to My Homestead Website?

1) If you are using the built-in navigation feature that is provided with many of the Homestead website templates, then many of your sites pages are not even being seen by Google. The answers as to why this is and how to remedy the situation can be found in the SEO Extreme Video series on the HomesteadUsers.com website or it is available in the Homestead Users Marketing Center as well.

2) Poor SEO (search engine optimization)

3) Very little content-Each page of your website should have no less than three hundred words worth of content. I personally shoot for 500 to 800 words on a page that I want to get a lot of traffic coming into.

4) Keywords are not profitable- If you are not focusing on good keywords that are related to your niche, then you will not be getting much traffic to your Homestead site. You have to think about what someone would type into a search box in order to find your site.

If you will invest some time and a little money in a few of the products we have developed specifically for Homestead website users, then I guarantee that you will eventually enjoy an increase in traffic. Patients is a huge part of this process. If you are in a market that has savvy Internet marketers as your competitors, you may never enjoy a lot of website visitors. If the niche you are in is saturated with competition, then you may have to pay to get traffic. Just by downloading the free SEO Homestead Website eBook we developed will give you enough ideas to get you a few extra visitors.