Who’s Worth More Than McDonald’s, Disney and GM Combined

This company in less than a decade, from when it was formed, had traded at a value of one hundred and eighty one billion dollars. Since their inception they’ve certainly changed the world, but the co-founder seems to hold a humble view of his own accomplishments. In view of his past success he states that his focus is on what he can do better.

Did you know that Google is worth more than General Motors, McDondals and Disney combined?

Google’s co-founder, Sergery Brin, states in the Youtube video below that the company’s mission is to take all of the worlds informations and make it accessible to everyone.

When Google first started, the company could hardly afford to purchase the computer hard drives that they needed. At one point Sergey explains in the Youtube video that they build their own enclosures from Lego blocks to house the hard drives once they go them. It sounds as though they did not want to spend money to purchase the proper cases.

Google serves three gourmet meals per day to their employees. They provide an on-site gym and entertainment at the companies location for the people who work there. The idea behind providing these types of extra-benefits that the employees enjoy is to help them to be more productive. The company is the number one place sought after to work in the web industry. I wonder if you combined, Mcdonalds, GM and Disney for that statistic if Google would still be number one.

I find watching videos like this one to be very entertaining, enlightening and worth my time