Where to Place Adsense on Web Pages

adsense homestead website

Adsense was the first affiliate program that I joined several years ago and has become the one that produces the steadiest income of all of my revenue producing websites. After some testing, I learned where the best places were to put the advertisement on my web pages. I have several sites that I make money with using Google’s program, but one that out performs all of them. It is a Homestead website that the average click through rate consistently stays above fourteen percent. That is huge in comparison to other sites that fluctuate from two to seven percent.

How to add ads to a Homestead website
The Homestead website builder makes placing Adsense on web pages really simple. All you have to do is get the code from the affiliate program for the ad that you created and place it inside an HTML box. You do this by clicking on the HTML icon in the Site Builder program and entering the code by selecting an option in the properties editor to the right. Then like every thing else in the Site Builder, just point to the box, left click to grab it then place it where ever you choose.

placing adsense homestead pagesThe hottest spot for my most successful website is outlined in green on the Adsense heat map. The map shows the best places to put the advertisements on your web pages. The darkest shades of orange indicate the hottest spots.

If you notice the green lines I added encompass three of the suggested best places to have Adsense on your SiteBuilder pages. On my most successful site I have two advertisements stacked on top of each other that are 336 x 280. They are both text ads.

The side by side diagram, with the green lines, shows my second choice for good performing positions that generate many click throughs on my Homestead web pages. Both of those sizes are 336 x 280 as well.

The third place that I like to put Adsense ads is just below the content on the web page.

When I was testing to find the best place for Adsense on my Homestead pages, it took several different designs before I hit a prosperous layout. This may be the case with your design as well. Keep testing until you have success.

There are several other factors that I believe have contributed to the fourteen percent average click through rate that I consistently enjoy from my Homestead site.

1) I use more text ads than image.
2) The color of the text blends with the layout of the web page design.
3) There are no borders around the Adsense advertisements.
4) I write loads of content that is properly optimized. Lear more about this by getting the free Homestead SEO ebook.

By doing a quick search on Google you can find loads of free information about where the best place is to put Adsense on your Homestead web pages. One thing that I have discovered is that this is a program where the revenue builds slowly, but remains consistent. If I were you, I would design a page that can be replicated with every article you write so your most prosperous web page design can be duplicated with ease. Once the advertisements are in place on the page template, it’s easy to increase your revenue as you add optimized content to your site.

How to Succeed With Adsense

There are three keys to making money with Adsense.
In order to succeed you must be persistent,
have patients and monitor your web page performance.