Website Promotion and Reputation Building



In the electronic book I developed called Thirty Ways to Get Traffic to a Homestead Website there is plenty of information that will help with promoting your site. In this article, I would like to offer suggestions for building on your reputation by leveraging several free advertising paths on the Internet.

If you are a regular user on the Internet and you find information by searching Google as your primary search engine, then you know that Youtube videos and Ezine Articles rank in the top of the search engine results pages all of the time. What better way to get the word out about your website, products, interest and business services than through what is known as video and article marketing.

Homestead Website Promotion

Through Video
There are several free video screen recorders that are available for free on the Internet. Cam Studio is the one that I have discovered that works well for me. Camtasia Studio and Jing are two of the favorites that Internet marketers use. If you know how to develop power points or use the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker these are tools that can be used for promoting your website or business online. Videos can be produced with digital cameras, camcorders, and even cell phones. If you don’t mind paying a few dollars consider hiring a professional to produce your clip. They can probably even help with promoting your Homestead website.

When you create your Youtube account, make sure that the name of your account reflects your market niche. As an example, my Youtube account name is Homestead Expert. This help you get recognized for your niche and it is a good search engine optimization technique.

Video marketing will help you establish your reputation quickly. The reason is that your potential customers and visitors can see and hear a real person. It’s a great way to build trust on the Internet and a reputation.

Once your video is finished, when you upload it to Youtube, the title is the most important phrase. So, with this in mind, the title should be where your keyword focus is. Along with the heading write a nice description of what the video is about and also include a link pointing to your website in the very beginning of your content. The address should be written like this

There are several free video websites where you can upload your clips. Rever, Metacafe, Aol, Myspace, Google and Youtube are the most popular video sites for website promotion. The more streams for promotion that you put out the better your chances are for being found. You can do a search and find hundreds of sites that will allow you to upload your promotional clips to for free.

Through Article Marketing
Ezine articles is the most popular place for Internet marketers to sell their products and establish their reputations through what is know as article marketing. If you choose your keywords correctly and learn how to write optimized content (Homestead SEO eBook), your articles will wind up on the front-page of Google’s results. They generally do not stay at the top for long, but one way of giving them an extra boost is through building back-links that point to the articles pages.

If you have a Homestead website, publish the article on your website first. Make sure that it is indexed by Google before you upload the article to Ezine. When you submit it to article directories just change the title and leave the content the same.

You will have to learn how to create an anchor text link using HTML. This can be done by creating a Bolgger blog and using the HTML editor to format your links with.
In the signature section of the article enter the HTML anchor text links that point to your sales pages using your keyword phrase.

Good Article Site For Promoting a Homestead Website

1) Ezine Articles
2) Go Articles
3) I Snare

Methods for promoting a Homestead website, your business and products are everywhere. I’ve used WordPress blogs, Hub Pages, Squidoo, My Space and Facebook for the promotion of many of the websites that I’ve created and the products that I’ve developed. As you flood the Internet with your logo and face your reputation begins to get established. This is one of the ways that I’ve become so recognized as an Expert with working with Homestead websites is through promotion using, video, blogs and article marketing.