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In years past written content was enough to have on your website in order for the search engines to like your pages.

You will find a checklist of important things to have on your website pages further down the page, but don’t bypass the good stuff in the middle.

I truly believe that if you combine the checklist elements with good Homestead SEO, you will find your website pages in the top of the search engine results pages.

As the Internet continues to evolve, there are other important factors other than written content that Google, Yahoo and Bing are considering to be important.

In fact, I recently read an article where SEO experts were discussing the possibility of  Facebook (FB) “Likes” being used in the algorithms to help determine a website’s rank in the SERPS.

Have you noticed how people are placing the FB like icon on all of their post pages these days and encouraging people to click on them?

Here’s an excerpt from the article I read on Webpro News about Facebook “likes.”

“In this video, Clay suggests that likes, referrals, and recommendations will become major part of all the ranking algorithms used by search engines. You can see that the search engines are already very interested in this kind of social data, from Bing’s deal with Facebook to Google’s desire of Facebook’s data.” Watch the video about FB “likes” information.

Recently, Ezine articles was effected by Google’s algorithm changes. The CEO of the article directory website has reported that they have experienced a huge traffic drop since the Panda update. The initial report was around a twelve percent decrease in traffic.

Now, this is just my opinion, but Ezine articles only allows its members to post written content. It appears to me that Google considers just written words on a page to be “old school.”

Hear me out on this one. Content is more than just words on the page. Did you know that every minute 24 hours of video footage gets uploaded to Youtube? Yet, Ezine doesn’t have a video section on their website.

What do you like to experience when you visit a web page?

I personally like to be able to watch videos, view images and quickly skim over the written words. Did you know the only images that can be found on Ezine articles are the member’s profile images.

Google feels that images are so important that they have designated an entire section that displays billions of images on every topic you can image.

Here’s a checklist of things I feel should be incorporated on our website pages:

If you have all of the above checklist elements incorporated on your website and have a good handle on Intuit SEO, you should do well in the search engine results pages.

If you can give your visitors the best possible user experience through using all of these elements, then I believe that Google will see your website as an informative site. After all, the search engines want to give their searchers the most informative results that will provide the best user experience.

With this in mind, we should give our visitors a full-course meal and not just an appetizer.