Website Design- Important Things for Making Money

There are a few very important things that we must have on our Intuit/Homestead website pages if we are going to make money online. Your page design must have these things in order to have a chance at achieving a fair level of Internet marketing success. The key to making sales is providing something that searchers are looking for and also keeping them on the website.

Important Homestead Web Page Design for Making Money

Your website page must have a “hook.” It’s necessary to have something that really catches the eye of the visitor to make them want to stay on the page. This can be an image, a catchy phrase or possibly a video. This is something that must be planned and strategically placed above the fold of the Intuit web page.

Bullet points will grip the reader’s attention quickly. What I have discovered is that when I visit a web page, if the title is interesting and I see bullet points, I will skim them. When people make it to our sites we only have a short window of opportunity to get them to click on our products. If the content on the website is easy to follow and skim over, we may be able to grab their attention long enough to get them to explore our Site Builder pages a little deeper.

An email optin form is important to have on the web page. Very much of my online revenue has come through using email marketing. Check out this article on setting up an automated Homestead email  system. Getting traffic to visit and revisit our websites is what the use of email marketing is all about. It doesn’t hurt to have some things on your website that you are giving away in exchange for email addresses. Having a newsletter sign-up feature set up is great website design for making future money with an Intuit site.

Interesting article links leading to affiliate offers-Here is where the rubber meets the road. When you can get your visitors to click through your links that go to your affiliate offers, then you will have success.

Have something that establishes trust on your page. Now we couldn’t possible establish trust by having one thing on our site, but if we can offer enough stuff for free that will keep them searching our pages, we can begin to build trust. The use of videos, offering eBooks and free reports is a huge way to get people to begin to trust us. Our potential customers really just need to see that we are real people behind the sales scenes of our Intuit/Homestead Site Builder web pages.

We should make sure that our Homestead website builder design is clean and professional looking. This sometimes can take a few tries to find something that works. I have had affiliate offers that did not convert any sales or made very little money. When I changed a couple of things around on the page, the sales increased tremendously.

This is what successful affiliate marketers do to make money online. They understand how important it is to have things constantly being tested to see what is producing the best results and making the most money. If you will take these important money making website design tips and put them into practice, it won’t be long before your Intuit web page designs will start bringing in a few dollars.