Ways to Increase Visitors and Get More Traffic

Increase Website Traffic5There are hundreds of ways to increase the amount of visitors and traffic that you get to your Homestead website. In this ebook I outline Thirty ways to get more people coming to your pages. Many of the suggested methods and communities that you can do this through are totally free.

Here are a few of the topics in the ebook about traffic building

Getting More Visitors Through Search Engine Optimization
This process called search engine optimization is something that you should be well educated about before you begin building your website. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of implementing certain techniques on your websites pages and off of your websites pages to make your site more appealing to Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Participating In Forums

There are many different forums on the Internet and the chances are probably pretty good that there is one that is related to your websites niche. Once you join a forum, inside your profile section, there is always a “signature” section. This is where you can create what is called an anchor link. Generally you enter the text that you want to link to your website and then highlight the text.

Many people when they start building a Homestead website don’t know a thing about getting traffic to come to their pages. This is the main reason that I developed this free ebook on website traffic. I had to discover all of these various methods for increasing the amount of visitors through studying the Internet.

Comment On Blogs
Any blog that is a good blog these days will have an easy way for you to enter your name and web page address. The system will automatically make your name a clickable link leading to the web address that you entered.

Yahoo Answers
This is a great way to generate traffic to your site for several reasons. When you make a post (or, “ask a question”), on their system, it generally ends up on the first page of Googles search results for the keywords that you had in the question.

Start Your Own Free Blog or Two
Wordpress and Blogger both have free blogs that you can start. The process is very simple. If you create blogs that are related to your website, you can then make anchor text links that point to your main website.

Have You Heard of Craigslist?
Here is another great method of attracting visitors to your websites pages. Craigslist is a huge Internet advertising site.
Increase Website Traffic3
Develop A Newsletter or Email List
This is one of my most valuable traffic generators that I have, using the Homestead Newsletter feature. When I started a particular website several years ago I began to write, what I call, “daily devotions.” I started doing a lot of the things that I have mentioned already in this free ebook to promote the free devotions.

Those are just a few of the excerpts from the ebook about ways to get more traffic and increase the amount of visitors that are coming to your homestead website. In the Internet age that we are in there is something that is called social media networking. This is done through becoming a member of some of the many free online sites such as blogs and forums. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Digg are all great ways to promote your pages and enjoy an increase in getting more traffic.