View Published Copy or View Local Copy

Have you ever seen this message when trying to login, “View Published” or the other option is “View Local Copy?” This occurs in the Intuit/Homestead website Site program when you are opening SiteBuilder to work on your pages. So, what should you do with this when it occurs?

You will have three options in this particular situation that will cause the SiteBuilder to open when you choose one of them.

It’s important to choose wisely!

1) Download Published Copy
2) Keep Local
3) Click on the X to close the window


First we must understand that when we download the Site Builder program it gets stored on our personal computer. Every time we are working on website pages, they are being remembered on our personal computer.

When we publish our Intuit website pages they then are stored at the Homestead Hosting server. While we continue working on a page making changes after we publish it, if we only save the page, Homestead may not have synchronized the record of the changes. The reason for this is because the changes were saved in the SiteBuilder program on your computer, but not at Homestead.

Selecting the Correct Option

Download the Published Copy

If you decide to download the published copy it will change what is inside the memory of your personal computers memory. So, if you were working on a page that you wanted to continue working on and you clicked on “Download Published Page,” the Site Builder memory is going to change to the published copy. This means that the changes you made to your page prior to trying to login will be lost and the old published version will be remembered inside your computer in the SiteBuilder program.

Keep Local Copy
Now you should be able to understand what this means by reviewing the previous paragraph. If you select this option by clicking on the icon, you will be using everything in the SiteBuilder that is stored on your computer.

Click on the X

If you click on the X you will be using what was stored on your personal computer in Intuit’s SiteBuilder.

Why is this a valuable feature in the Intuit website program? Here’s why I think it is a great asset to have. Let’s suppose that we are at home working on our permanent/ stationary computer and we save our files in the SiteBuilder. Then, we decide to take our laptop to Starbucks and work on the website using SiteBuilder. Now we decide to publish all of the pages while we are at Starbucks. They get stored in the Homestead hosting center. The following day you decide to get on the different computer that you used to make edits within the SiteBuilder on your Homestead website before you went to Starbucks, changed and published your pages. Well, this computer at home has the old information stored on it in the SIteBuilder.

Here’s what happens you try to login and SiteBuilder tries to connect with Homestead’s server. It makes the connection, but notices that the published files and the saved files in SiteBuilder are completely different.

You had better select to download the published copy to the SiteBuilder on your home PC. If you do not you will be working with the old edits that you were making before you went to Starbucks and the look of your pages will be totally different from what you want.

If you get this message, “View Published Copy” and you will also have the option to “View Local Copy” choose wisely before just clicking on anything. The results of your choices could change your website completely. Make sure you understand how all of this affects your website.