Get on the Video Creation Bus or be Left Behind

Video Production

I remember when I first heard about Youtube. When they hit the Internet scene, I thought why didn’t I think of that? The name was different, short and easy to remember. I visited the website and instantly knew that this was where the online world was headed.

The insight was so on target that I talked to a friend of mine about developing a video based website like Youtube for a particular niche to be able to participate in. Not long after that conversation, Godtube came on the scene. My plans quickly went out the window. I tried to get on the bus, but someone beat me to it.

Did you know that every minute thirty five (35) hours of video gets uploaded to Youtube? Here, read what Google says in this information about how they are protecting copy written materials better. That’s where I read the information.

Doesn’t it make sense though, people by nature are lazy. That’s why we sit around watching TV all of the time. The same thing is starting to happen on the Internet, people would rather absorb information by visual and audio presentations than read about “everything.”

There are several options for creating videos that are rather easy to use. Jing has a screen recorder that will record whatever is on your monitor screen. Flip Video has a small inexpensive hand-held digital recorder that has outstanding sound and visual rendering capabilities.

Here are a few links to valuable resources:


Flip Ultra

All Video Converter

Internet Course on Making Money Through Using Videos

You can find information on Youtube about anything that has to do with producing and editing videos. I have Windows movie maker and that is the program I use to edit mine. You can find plenty of tutorials on Youtube to help you learn how to use Windows Movie Maker.

If you are still using dial-up, you are living in the stone ages or perhaps on some far away mountain that does not provide hi-speed connections. How unfortunate for you if this is your situation. It’s not going to be possible to produce and upload clips with ease. If this is YOU…you just missed the biggest bus in the history of the Internet. What worked a few years ago is fading quickly into the shadows of video production.

Have you heard of the term “viral” used to describe content syndication on the Internet? Videos just naturally go viral. What this means for you is that you can get your information out to more and more people effortlessly. You post one good clip with a hefty description in the more info section and people will just naturally start spreading the content all over the place for you.

If you want people to use your vids, make sure you include a really long description with the clip. This makes your video content more valuable to people who want to use them on their websites.

Adding a Youtube video to your Intuit website is not difficult. You need to copy the “embed” code from the Youtube video and then use the “Add html” icon in the site builder to enter the code into. Size the box to the correct dimensions by using the “Properties Editor” files on the right.

The most important part of embedding a video on your Intuit websites is to include plenty of text on your web page to accompany the clip. Search engines still use the written word to determine what your pages are about.

Now, don’t be left behind. Hurry up and learn all you can about using videos to increase traffic to your website and convert visitors into longstanding friends. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to anything you are doing online.