Using Tech Support To Resolve Issues

One of the things that has impressed me the most about interacting with the Intuit web site building company is their tech support team. I cannot ever remember having an issue that they could not resolve. They have always been polite, well educated with the Homestead hosting plan options and very helpful at teaching me about questionable things I faced within the Site Builder software program.

There was a time when I had to wrestle with the Homestead Storefront program. I surely learned a huge lesson then about trying to learn a new website building program. Afterward, I made a decision to avoid building storefronts because there was too much HTML coding involved. The difficulty came when the tech support engineers at Homestead told me that many of the problems I was experiencing were due to the HTML code being messed up. The Homestead tech support employees are not allowed to alter or offer advice about altering the HTML code. Storefront is far from being anything like the Site Builder program. There are very few things inside that are point, click, drag and drop in the web page building program. The new learning curve was huge. The best thing to do is just go with the basics in the program and not try to customize anything.  In any event, I eventually finished the customer’s online clothing store with the help of the Intuit/Homestead tech support team. I could not have accomplished the task without their help.

In the past few years they have helped me learn how the Hmail email system works. On another occasion they explained all of the features in the Real Tracker statistics program. When I transferred several domain names over to Godaddy, the tech support person helped walk me through the entire process.

On several occasions I have purchased domain names with Godaddy, but built the websites with the Homestead SiteBuilder system. The tech agent from Homestead and also with Godaddy both assisted me in getting the website and domain name set up correctly. The process involved changing DNS numbers and servers which at the time was just a little bit over my head.

Never hesitate to contact the Intuit Company with your web design questions, billing issues, email problems or domain pointing issues. It has been my experience that if the person you are working with on the phone cannot answer your question; they will get someone who can.

I wrote a Homestead website builder review that gave the tech support team five stars. In the years of working with this excellent hosting company, I have had nothing to really complain about other than my own stupidity with not understanding HTML code when I was working with the storefront program. Although it was disappointing at the time because the tech support personnel are instructed to not work with the HTML code, a couple of them did anyway to fix my mess-ups. For their help, I am extremely grateful.

A big THANKS!  to all of the Intuit Homestead SiteBuilder tech support team for the help that you provide for all of us. You truly are greatly appreciated.