Using Gimp for Editing Photos and Making Logos

Use With Homestead Gimp.orgThe Gimp free software download for editing photos, creating logos and banners is my first choice for making image changes while designing my Homestead SiteBuilder pages. I’ve been told that the program’s running a very close second to the all favorite editor, Photo Shop. The biggest difference between the two programs, designed to alter pictures, is the price. From what I understand Adobe’s program costs hundreds of dollars.

The freeware company provides excellent tutorials which demonstrate how to use many of the features within the program. Youtube enthusiasts have developed video tutorials showing how to work inside of the program as well. This makes learning how to use the software even easier than following the developers tutorials at times.

Click Here 100% free GIMP

I use the program regularly for cropping images and resizing photos. You can upload any image format and then transform it into a jpeg because that’s what’s required with your Homestead Site Builder. I also add text to photos and use it for creating eBook covers.

What to expect from Gimp

1) Drawing Shapes With Paths-Make a dimensional box with paths (bezier curves) and gradients.

2) Simple Floating Logo-Even if you hate images of text on the web, this tutorial gives you some of the basic layer manipulation techniques. The knowledge can be applied to many many imaging projects and the logo is pretty cool

3) Draw On Selections Borders-Use the selection tools to draw simple or complex shapes.

4) Quickmask-Use Quickmask to make a vignette of your photos.

  • Tip: Just so you know, the program is 100% totally free. This is not a bait and switch software offer. Once you download the image editor, it’s yours for no cost at all. There’s nothing to pay for to upgrade to a better editor. This is a top notch, top of the line system for working with your Homestead website design ideas.

5) Use curves and modes to transform your photo into a pen and ink watercolor like image.

6) Straight Line Tutorial-‘Tis somewhat rude. Perhaps the exact right frame of mind which to approach GIMP with though, at least the first few times.

7) 3D Floating Logo-Another GIMP Floating Logo method, this one uses modes along with layers and select tools.

8) Anti-Aliased Threshold-Use curves and modes to transform your photo into a pen and ink watercolor like image.

  • Tip: By using the custom color selector, it looks like an eye dropper in the menu, you can recreate any color and use it to cover over imperfections. This is an amazing tool that is very valuable when you are designing banners and logos for your Homestead website.

9) Film Grain-Give your photos the appearance of film grain and learn about a new mode.

10) Simple Animations-Learn how to work with layers as animation frames.

11) Changing Background Color 2-Change the background color of your image and learn the magical properties of Select By Color.

Watch video tutorials of Gimp being used for Homestead Website Photo Editing. These teaching clips will show you up close demonstrations of how to re-size an image, crop a photo and how to optimize a picture so it won’t be blurry.

12) Coloring A BW Sketch-Color sketches anime style.

13) 3D Floating Logo-Another Floating Logo method, this one uses modes along with layers and select tools.

14) Tileable Textures-Learn about gradients, animated brushes and how to make tileable images as well.

One of my favorite features to work with in the free photo editing program is the image scale adjustment. This is where I reduce the pixles of images or optimize them to load quicker on my Homestead website. Because the Site Builder’s photo optimizer makes the images blurry, I prefer to use Gimps system. I’ve been using the program for editing images for several years now and for creating logos. It works great and you certainly cannot beat the price.