Two Services I Recommend for Making Money Online

I have been making money online with my Intuit website for a while now and there are two services where you can start trying to do this right away. One is called Google Adsense and the other is Commission Junction. Both of these affiliate companies are free to join and will give you access to money making banners that can be place on your blog or Homestead website.

With both companies, the Internet marketing strategy that I have found to work the best is writing loads of content. It must be SEO friendly content though. Optimized articles will attract visitors. As you continue to publish articles, over the course of time, you will reap the benefits of getting more and more traffic. As the visitors increase so does your income.

You will have to make sure that your advertisements are placed in appropriate places though. If you do not study the most affective ways to utilize your materials for generating money, then you will make less. This is not a chance game. Making revenue with an Internet site takes strategic planning.

Internet marketers are serious enough about what they are doing to make changes to web pages in attempts to see what will yield the most money As they monitor the results of their efforts very closely, they discover what is and is not working.

Of the two services that I mentioned, Adsense will put money in your account every time someone clicks on a text ad or banner.

With the other company, Commission Junction’s affiliates generally require a purchase or some form of action. Just having a visitor click on a banner will not yield you an income deposit into your account.

Both of these recommended services for making money will not send you a check until you have reached a minimum amount. The last time I looked one hundred dollars was the requirement that you had to meet before Adsense and Commission Junction would release funds.