Three Tips for Internet Success

These are going to be three of the simplest things that you have heard about succeeding on the Internet. These are tips that I heard about when I first got started, but did not really understand completely until a year or so after I built my first website. If you can discipline yourself to do the following three things, I guarantee you that you will see some positive results in the area of getting website visitors to your pages.

1) Well obviously you’re going to need a website. There are many different builders on the market, but I must say that the Intuit/ Homestead website builder is a really good choice. If you are just starting out, then you’re going to love the Site Builder program from Intuit.

There are some other platforms that are free, but if your goal is to make money, you will have to have your own site at some point in time. If you just want to get information out on the Internet, then programs like WordPress, Squidoo, and Zimbio are totally free for publishing content onto the Internet. Create an account with any one or all of them and start building right away.

2) Write generous amounts of content. The king of the Internet world is information presented through writing content. Although video and audios are great vehicles for getting the message out to people in the Internet world, it is the content on the pages that acts as the foundational anchor.

Publish articles on a daily basis. Notice that I said; “publish articles daily.” An occasional article or two will not bring the results that you need. You’re going to have to get passionate about your niche topic and what you are presenting on the Internet. If you are going to succeed, the second of the three tips must be implemented in an extremely strong manner.

The foundation of everything online is dependant on content. If the information is not on your page, how do you expect to be found? You can pay for advertising, but that’s going to get really expensive fast.

3) Creating links is the third most important aspect of these three tips for online success with your Intuit website hosted with the Homestead Site Builder company. For years it has been suggested that people get back-links from directories and exchanging with other niche sites that share common interests with the content that you have published on your pages. This is not the popular suggestion during the year 2009.

In the time period that we are living in now, it is suggested that we as webmasters get quality inbound links from websites that share the same interest that we are publicizing on the Internet.

You can build these all important links by creating accounts with blogs, or commenting on blogs, participating in forums that allow signature links and through using places like Digg and Hub Pages. These must be clickable anchor links that point to your website pages.

If you use these three tips consistently, I guarantee that you will achieve some success on the Internet. It’s actually pretty simple, but does require work. So, in review, the three tips for achieving Internet success are learning website development, using the Intuit/Homestead website builder, generating loads of content and building links. So, web pages, content and links are the best combination for achieving success online.

One last thing, mix in a lot of patients in the process too!