Testing Website Sales Pages

What arrangement really works best on your Intuit/Homestead website for making the most sales, do you know? Testing pages in order to narrow down the focus is very important. I recently increased sales of some of my products tremendously by just removing a few things on the page. The items that I took off of the page were designed to collect email addresses. They worked very well for that purpose, but the sales volume of the products on the page went down when I added the free eBooks.

If you are anything like me, whenever I download an e-book I go to my inbox immediately to look at it. I’m certain that this was such a distraction from my products that people never returned to the page. The download included two free books. That was a lot of information for people to sift through.

While testing the web site’s sales page, the day I took the email optin and the books off of the page, I had three sales. That was a real eye opener because up until then I had only made two sales in about two weeks while the free downloads were on the page.

On another product’s page, I simply moved the submit button and price for purchasing the item from the top of the page to the bottom and the sales increased. I always try designing Intuit website pages so that they can be easily changed.

Continually testing and monitoring results is vitally important to the success of making money on the Internet. Many big name Internet marketers agree that the more focused a page can be for one item the better. If your goal is to collect an email address then every thing should squeeze the person to submit their email address when they land on the page. If the goal of the sales page is to sell a product, the product should be the main attraction of the page. It’s important to keep the main thing the main thing.

Intuit websites work really well for designing sales pages and then making changes to them as you are testing. Because the Homestead Sitebuilder program is so easy to use, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to move things around periodically to see what works the best.