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Where to Place Adsense on Web Pages

adsense homestead website

Adsense was the first affiliate program that I joined several years ago and has become the one that produces the steadiest income of all of my revenue producing websites. After some testing, I learned where the best places were to put the advertisement on my web pages. I have several sites that I make money with using Google’s program, but one that out performs all of them. It is a Homestead website that the average click through rate consistently stays above fourteen percent. That is huge in comparison to other sites that fluctuate from two to seven percent.

How to add ads to a Homestead website
The Homestead website builder makes placing Adsense on web pages really simple. All you have to do is get the code from the affiliate program for the ad that you created and place it inside an HTML box. You do this by clicking on the HTML icon in the Site Builder program and entering the code by selecting an option in the properties editor to the right. Then like every thing else in the Site Builder, just point to the box, left click to grab it then place it where ever you choose. read Where to Place Adsense on Homestead Web Pages

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