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Intuit Sitebuilder Tutorials

I’ve developed many free Homestead website tutorials that can help you learn ow to use the Intuit Sitebuilder. You can learn how to get top rankings with search engines by studying these Homestead SEO videos. In case you are a beginner in using the Intuit web builder, I have developed a complete series of videos that will teach you what all of the various functions are and how they work.

On this blog you will find Intuit website tutorials that can be watched by simply scrolling through the video’s category located on the menu bar. Link building, adding Adsense, embedding a Google calendar and advanced keyword research are just a small portion of the lessons we have provided on this blog. This particular site is just one location where we provide information, tools and tips for working with the Site Builder. read Tutorials

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Posted by    Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Stop Whining; Start Working On Your Website!

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Recently I watched an excellent video about what can be accomplished within a month of starting a new blog when hard work and a business mindset unite. We can learn very important guidelines for starting a successful blog from this video review about the  Planting Dollars site.  It was developed by Lisa on her “2 Create A Website” blog.

The inspiration for the title of THIS post, (“Stop Whining; Start Working on Your Website!”) was realized about twelve minutes into the video. As I listened to Lisa talking about how success is the direct result of working a plan, I recalled when the light was turned on for me. read Stop Whining; Start Working on Your Website

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Posted by    Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Intuit Websites Renaming Pages-Gene Townsend Video

Found this excellent tutorial for renaming an Intuit website page. This Youtube video by Gene Townsend was screen recorded inside the Intuit/Homestead SiteBuilder program. We are looking forward to hearing more from Gene on several subjects that he promises to deliver.

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read Intuit Website Tutorial-Renaming Pages

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Posted by    Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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SEO eBook

Homestead SEO eBook

Homestead SEO eBook

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Our free Homestead/Intuit website SEO ebook covers a multitude of topics for you to begin to lay your foundational building blocks on. Before you build your website design, it’s very important that you learn detailed information about search engine optimization. Learning the proper techniques of how to optimize your SiteBuilder pages is vitally important to the success of your site.
Homestead SEO eBook

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