Stop Whining; Start Working On Your Website!

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Recently I watched an excellent video about what can be accomplished within a month of starting a new blog when hard work and a business mindset unite. We can learn very important guidelines for starting a successful blog from this video review about the  Planting Dollars site.  It was developed by Lisa on her “2 Create A Website” blog.

The inspiration for the title of THIS post, (“Stop Whining; Start Working on Your Website!”) was realized about twelve minutes into the video. As I listened to Lisa talking about how success is the direct result of working a plan, I recalled when the light was turned on for me. The turning point of my Internet success came when I made a commitment to post one article per day on a blog that I manage. Because I did not get discouraged and continued to work towards my goal, my blog now has over eight hundred visitors per day after only one year.

Much of my determination to NOT GIVE UP was due to one person who posted a comment in the Website Babble forum in response to my whining about how slow things were going with making money on the Internet.

They simply said: “Hang in there, it’s definitely worth the wait.” I am in total agreement with that statement now.

Since then my online income has steadily increased, but the upward change in revenue came as a direct result of being persistent in steadily working on improving my sites.

As I have mentioned in prior posts, we must treat our website business like a regular job and not as a hobby.

When we look at where we have come from and set short obtainable goals for where we want to get to eventually, our accomplishments reach great heights. Rome was not built in a day. In this video-blog- post called Get on the Treadmill With me and You’re Getting Off First– Will Smith tells a story about how a wall is built by laying one brick at a time into perfect position.

I can assure you that if you will be persistent, stop whining and start working on improving your website- building skills and online business growth, passive income will be the result of your efforts.

That’s the beauty of making money on the Internet. Once we learn how to automate our systems and duplicate the things that are working, we will enjoy recurring fruit from our labor.