Setting Obtainable Goals-Reaching Exceptional Heights Online

setting goalsAs we enter into the tenth month of the year, I am looking back on the goals I set in January. Publishing one page at a time, on a new website, I’ve been reaching exceptional heights as the traffic increases and the online revenue does too. One thing I learned early on is that persistence is what it takes to succeed on the Internet and with your Homestead website.

People get a false conception of what life is going to be like when they build a website for the first time. Grandiose ideas that boat loads of money will come streaming into their pockets can turn into discouragement when their expectations collide with reality.

One thing that is for certain, the more content that gets generated the better your chances are for being found online. When I finally grabbed a hold of this truth, an obtainable goal for me was to write at least one article per day for one of my websites. After doing this successfully, at the end of an entire year that particular website was averaging over seven hundred visitors per day. You can well imagine the revenue that I am pulling in off of that particular site focus on making money through selling products.

Once you begin to see that the potential for earning money on the Internet is only limited by the effort that we put forth, exceptional heights can be achieved by setting long-term goals. The beauty of making money on the Internet is that it is passive income.

The website I used as an illustration of the benefits publishing content regularly is now effortlessly bringing in money on a daily basis without me doing anything to it. Really the only things I need to make certain that I take care of is keeping my Homestead hosting plan paid and in good shape. Setting the goal of creating an article a day was the key to creating a now successful website.

There were a few other things that were important too, like understanding Homestead website SEO. Without applying search engine optimization, the website would have never achieved the top rankings with Goolge, Yahoo or Bing. Because of my understanding of the importance of this subject my site continues to get over seven hundred visitors per day through the major search engines.

Imagine this. If you could set an obtainable goal and stick with meeting your obligations to yourself for one year and at the end of that year you were making $30 per day. That would be ten thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars that you could potentially make the following year without doing much of anything.

If you continued to do the same things for the next ten years, you would reach an exceptional goal of making a gross amount of passive income of over one hundred thousand dollars per year.

I hope this helps you to see the earnings potential on the Internet. I am giving illustrations of setting small goals for making money online that are based on generating content. As you learn more about online marketing and ways to increase traffic to your sites, obviously your obtainable goals will effortlessly grow bigger revenue streams because of your increasing knowledge about Internet marketing.

It’s a business venture that endures growing pains by continually feeding the Internet with valuable content and learning more about making money on online.

When we treat our websites like a business rather than a hobby then we can reach exception heights. Imagine pouring eight hours a day, five days a week into marketing your website online or even off line. Eventually, with persistence and patients you will reach the obtainable goals with your Homestead website. By setting our sites on the prize of passive income, which basically only requires us putting work into publishing pages and learning how to sell affiliate products, in time we will reap a nice amount of money from the Internet.