Will the Real Homestead SEO Pro Please Stand Up?

Homestead seo pro blog postA person who is educated in getting top placements on Google with an Intuit/Homestead website can be considered an SEO Pro. I say this because the SiteBuilder program is not user-friendly when it comes to achieving high placements within the search engines.

Learning professional techniques to implement can make an amazing difference in how your Sitebuilder pages get ranked with the search engines. These strategies are not available just anywhere though. Information like this is valuable and therefore it generally takes an investment of money to learn about how to get top placements within Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There are more than seven things that must be done correctly inside the internal structure of your Sitebuilder website.  If they are not done, the search engines (SE) will not like your pages.

It is very possible that many of your website pages are not being picked up by the major SE because the Site Builder has one major hindrance.

This problem  is revealed in the Homestead Optimization Course. It explains how you can get around the issue.

What is SEO?
The term stands for “search engine optimization.” It basically means that there are specific things that Google, Yahoo and Bing (the three major search engines) are looking for to determine what your website is about. Once the Google bots have collected loads of data related to your site, the system determines where you get placed in the results pages.

If you have learned SEO from a pro as it relates to your Intuit/Homestead website, then you will have a good chance of placing well in the results pages.

If someone is a pro at getting top placements or in moving a website higher up in the results pages, then they have studied extensively from more resources than just “One eBook” with a few pages about Homestead website optimization.

I have been studying SEO for several years on a daily basis and have a very good handle on what is “working” as optimization relates to our Intuit/Homestead websites.

SEO tricks and techniques are constantly evolving and changing on a daily basis.

Some Internet professionals are saying that search engine optimization is changing more quickly than the medical profession. With the rapid evolution of what is referred to as “Web 2.0” and the pace at which things are changing in general on the web, if you are going to succeed with an Internet business or hobby site- you will need that leverage power attained from becoming educated on the subject from several sources beyond just your own Intuit Site Builder website.

Did you know that it is possible for one person to literally dominate the first two pages of the SERPS (search engine results pages) by leveraging the power of social media and “Web 2.0”? That’s another topic all in itself which SEO pros understand.

Your competition will use social media to literally BURY your website if you do not learn how to use “Web 2.0” to your advantage. Howey Swartz calls his social media strategies “Web 2.0 As A Weapon.”

What worked three years ago may still help our websites today to place well with the search engines, but Google is changing things so rapidly that professional SEO’s must continually keep in touch with what’s happening. One of the websites which I frequent to keep up with the fast-paced world of search engine optimization is “Web Pro News”.

If you want to learn from a reliable SEO pro, these Intuit/Homestead Sitebuilder-Optimization lessons will give you a solid foundation upon which to build.

Within the last two months, those of us who monitor SEO on a daily basis have seen natural listings get pushed down by three changes which Google has made.

1)    Local search and Google maps are getting top priority in the search results.
2)    Real Time news feeds are topping the first page of the SERPS.
3)    Authority  “brand-name” sites are getting three top listings on the front page of Google.

An SEO pro is constantly recognizing how the search engine results pages are changing. Another quality that the search engine optimization professional exhibits is his attentiveness to updating constantly on the ever-changing means about how to get better rankings for their customers within the midst of the changes.

Sitebuilder users who want to get natural (free) search traffic are going to have to start using the availability of “Web 2.0” sites in connection with their web pages and put forth effort to learn website optimization for their Intuit/Homestead website from an SEO pro.