Sending Emails to Your Subscriber List

Once you get the email address collection system in place, inside the Sitebuilder, you are going to eventually want to send some mail to your optin list of subscribers. The way you do this with the Intuit Homestead system is very simple.

How to Send an Email to Your Newsletter List

1) You should go to and in the upper right of the window login to your Hmail email account.

2) In the “send to” text box, type the name of your list and the domain name it is associated with.

3) Enter the information in the text box as if you were sending a regular email.

4) Hit “send” and your list of subscribers will be emailed instantly.

The Homestead system will only allow you to send out messages to fifty people at one time. If you want to send more than that you will have to submit a request for a mass mailing.

This can become frustrating quickly if you begin to get a lot of subscribers.

My lists grew so big that I had to move to a different email service provider than Homestead. I discovered that Aweber was perfectly suited for all of my email marketing needs.

One very important thing that you must do is always provide your subscriber lists an option to get off of the mailing system. If you do not do this, it’s possible that you could be labeled as a spammer and the Intuit Homestead company will blacklist you. If this happens you will have to deal with the compliance team to try and get your marketing back on track.

Another important thing is that you must immediately remove anyone from the list at their request. If you fail to do this, you will be in danger of loosing your emailing rights once again if you get reported as a spammer.

The Intuit Homestead company is very respected in the online world of the Internet. They will not tolerate things that are not being done in the correct manner in relation to sending email messages out to your subscriber lists.