Sending Email With the Aweber Automated System

Building your email list is very important to your success as an online affiliate. I’ve started sending automated emails using the Aweber system. Your Homestead website program has a newsletter feature that will allow you to begin collecting potential leads. The system works great, but there are a couple of drawbacks.

Blockades with the Homestead email collection system

1) You cannot automate the Homestead email newsletter system to automatically send out your information. You must physically login to your account to send messages to your lists.

2) Intuit will only allow you to send fifty emails in a day at one time. This proposes a problem for the Homestead webmasters who are building large numbers of people on their newsletter lists.

Once your list grows to over fifty people, you should switch to Aweber.

The benefits of using Aweber are huge. For instance, if you have a product that you’ve developed and are selling online, Aweber can be integrated with your Paypal purchase buttons to deliver the products through email. Once the sale is final an email gets sent through Aweber delivering the links to the digital products. Setting up this automated system with your Homestead website is not difficult because there are tutorials inside the Aweber account which demonstrate exactly how to set the automation up.

Try Aweber Email Marketing

The benefits of doing this are gigantic. Once your product is linked to Paypal and Aweber the system does all of the sending and you get a notification in your email that someone bought something. How’s that for passive income generation?

For a long time I struggled with selling products through using the Homestead newsletter email feature. It was a lot of work every day to manually send the emails and once someone purchased a product, I would have to physically email them the information. Now it’s totally automatic. I basically get paid for doing very little now. The call this set up being on auto pilot.

Aweber Email Service Benefits

  • Here is a quick look at just a few of the benefits that you will get with the Aweber email service.
  • The email system is really easy to use with great video tutorials.
  • Tech support is amazing.
  • When using Aweber, you can create custom optin forms that can either be stationary on your pages or you can design them so they hover down or enter the page from the side.
  • You are allowed to send unlimited amounts of emails and can create unlimited emails lists.
  • It’s possible to include photos in your messages.
  • Hundreds of template options are available for the Aweber newsletter design or you can create by starting with blank pages.
  • Hyper links can be placed in your letters to send people to your product pages. Unlike Homestead’s Hmail, you can link a phrase to the destination URL inside the Aweber email.
  • Your newsletter emails can be integrated with your optin forms to personalize your letters. A special code that you select from a drop-down menu is entered when you are creating the follow-up email messages. When the message gets sent it will have the person’s name in the email automatically. That’s amazing isn’t it.
  • You set the intervals for when the follow-up messages get mailed. It starts with an option for sending the next message one day after the previous email and goes up from there.
  • There are all of the right links inside the emails so that people can unsubscribe from the list if they choose to. It’s totally automated.

To be honest with you, Intuit/Homestead had to put a hold on my email account because my lists had grown to over thirty five hundred subscribers. That’s when I discovered Aweber and started sending all of my emails through their automated system. As I look back on it now, what appeared to be a frustrating situation, when Homestead put a hold on my Hmail account, turned out to be a huge blessing.

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