Search Engine Optimization is Not Just About Your Intuit Website

I watched this video at Web Pro News on search engine optimization. It’s more than just your Intuit website that needs to be cared for in today’s Internet world if you want to get traffic and top listings. The term “search engine optimization” is being redefined as the continence of technological evolution grows on a daily basis. No longer does the term apply to one website that you own.

No longer is getting traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing to one website the main focus of the experts. As search results providers change and the social media explosion continues, traffic-getters are utilizing an uncounted number of sources for driving people to their sites. If we want to market our Homestead websites effectively we are going to have to learn some new strategies.

It may not be your website that gets top rankings in the results pages, but if you can use Twitter, Ezine Articles or Youtube to get a top listing and then have a link directed to your site, you have expanded your web-site’s search engine optimization.

In other words, search engine optimization techniques are changing. In order to be a success online, we have to leverage the many different power sites that are freely available to us.

What is a power site? I would define it as a high Google page rank authority site that continually gets top listings with Google. Youtube videos consistently dress the front pages of the results pages. Many article websites such as Ezine Artticles and Go Articles get top listings. These are power websites because they dominate the search engine results pages. An Ezine article can get a top listing within minutes of being published and stay in the first position for months to even years.

Success in getting traffic to your Intuit website is now dependent on building a “niche” community around your site. By leveraging the use of many websites search engine optimization is being redefined.

It’s no longer just about your site getting a top listing. If you are going to compete, you will need to drive traffic to your Intuit website from many different directions by leveraging many of the free blogs, article directories and video membership websites.

Learning how to use other domains in your search engine optimization strategy is going to take a large investment of your time. First you will have to create a membership with each site and then it will be necessary to learn how to use their web page publishing tools. Every site presents a new learning curve. Here’s the thing though, once you begin to write optimized content and start publishing your articles through the use of these power sites, it is possible to own three to five listings on the front-page of Google in a matter of moments. Point all of these articles and videos to your Intuit website through the use of click-able links and your chances of getting more traffic will increase dramatically.

The above strategy will only work though if you understand how to optimize an Intuit website for search engines.

Search engine optimization is most definitely being redefined by all of the rapid changes we are seeing as the evolution of social media, Google, Yahoo and Bing continues.