Safety of Cell Phone Search-Dangers of Driving While Talking

Developers of cell phones and Internet search are trying to improve our experience on the web. Google Googles is a new feature (iphone app) that allows people to take a picture of something and search with the image rather than having to use their cell phone keyboard. There’s no doubt that these improvements will reduce the dangers of using cell phones while driving.

Although this new type of search is in its infancy, it does have amazing potential. Below are a few of the current items that will return accurate search results when a photo is taken and presented to the Google Googles Iphone application.

  • Landmarks
  • Books
  • Wine
  • DVDs
  • Artwork
  • Logos

The Google Googles Iphone application is a feature can be downloaded and installed from the Itunes store.

Even though the voice command and image search features can make the use of cell phones while driving a little safer, it is still a very dangerous thing to do. The risks associated with cell phone use while driving automobiles are great and our U.S. government is taking action to make our roads safer.

Many states have placed strict laws in place when it comes to talking, texting and driving. The authority on highway safety is the Governs Highway Safety Association (GHSA). They have a chart that shows what the cell phone laws are for the individual states across the United States.

Everyone is asking what the future or search looks like. What’s the next cell phone app going to be? I would love to hear your thoughts on the use of cell phones will driving. Where do you think that search is headed? What is the next outrageous thing to be invented that will captive our attention?