Plan Before Building Your Intuit Website

I did not have a plan before I started building my first Intuit website. It’s vitally important to learn the basics of SEO and website design before you just start building web pages. The inspiration for this article was sparked by me working on a close friend’s website where she offers Sarasota massage services.

A couple of years ago she began building the site and decided to use one of Homestead’s templates. After she made a few changes here and there to try and customize things the functions of the template would not allow her to do what she wanted to do. Basically she is now stuck with a template that has a totally different color scheme than she wants.

This is just one reason that it’s important to study web design and content optimization before you start building. What happens is that most beginners just jump in and start designing their sites and later they become frustrated because they must make changes.

Web Development Plan for Intuit/Homestead Website

1. What is the primary purpose of the site?
– What services or products do you provide
– Profit or non-profit

2. What are the secondary goals?
– Is search engine ranking an important factor to be considered?
– Do you desire repeat visitors?
– Will you require membership or email addresses?
– Will you have a newsletter?

3. Who are you trying to reach?
– How will they find you?
– What phrases would they use if they were searching online for your site?

4. Website design
– Is there a design you have in mind?
– Do you have a logo?
– What color theme? Three to five colors is good.
– Do you need printable pages?
– What photos will be included?
– Will you have video and audio sections?
– Credit card purchases or Papal services?
– Will there be photos of you or company employees on the site?
– Do any of your vendors have information to be included?
– Do you want your navigation on the side or at the top of the
– What types of forms will be need to gather information?
– Will you need email boxes set up?
– Do you have a short phrase which describes your company?
– Do you have existing promotional materials?
– Text content should be no less than 250 words of rich text.

5. What will be the titles for your pages?
– Home
– Contact us
– Portfolio
– Testimonials

6. Preparation for search engine optimization
– What terms will people use when searching for your services or products?
– What websites would be good to try to link with?
– What are the most important keywords for you site?

7. Website maintenance
-Will you need training to manage your site once it is built?
– Will you be hiring us to make changes?
– What future additions or alterations will be necessary and how often?

The work that I did on her site involved adding special codes for the search engines to find her pages and also a little on page optimization. You see, when I checked with Google, only two of her five pages were indexed. Her Homestead website has been this way for a couple of years now.

Had she taken the time to study more about web design or purchased one of my products developed to help homestead website users, perhaps she could have had a lot more business over the past two years.

So, learn about designing web sites by reading articles, purchasing products and looking at nice designs. Make sure that you know what colors that you are using and how to work with photos and the correct way to optimize Homestead web pages.

Take time to plan out exactly how you want your website to be. You are going to be investing many hours in making all this work; you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time redoing things in the future. Try to do it right the first time by learning the proper way to build web pages.