Paralyzing Above The Fold Web Design Handicaps Visitors Responses

Ugly Website DesignI visited this highly reputable website the other day only to be paralyzed, confused and somewhat handicapped as I landed on the page. This is a site that I love to visit in order to watch Internet marketing videos. The page in the image to the right was so confusing, I didn’t even see the video among the vibrant collage of colors.

In fact this video on What Not TO Do With Landing Pages is located on the Web Pro News site. Inside the content, the person who is sharing from an experts opinion says;

– “The attention span of website visitors is super short, equivalent to a lit match”

– “Paralysis through analysis”

-“You’re overwhelming people with choice”

-“Cut it down to two, three or four main choices”

Designing website pages above the fold correctly is critical to the success of our website. I am refereeing to keeping our visitors on the page once they get there. Getting traffic to an Intuit website is a completely different subject altogether.

The Youtube video below says volumes on this subject of having so much on your pages that the visitors get paralyzed and don’t know what to do next.

What Makes Good Web Design

Consider the following points that the author of the Youtube video makes about good web design:

  1. With good web design-less is almost always more.
  2. A common mistake is to try and WOW the user.
  3. Better to focus on your central message, find quality images. One large quality image on the main page is worth more than two hundred bad images inside.
  4. When you design a website, it’s not youwant to please; it’s your visitors you want to please.
  5. You want to impress them with the product or service you offer, not your web design.
  6. Good web design is clean, crisp, honest and sometimes a little unpredictable.
  7. Form follows function. Start with the information that you want to convey to the public.
  8. Write down your information, organize it and then design your website around those things, not the other way around.
  9. The first page of your website is far more important than all the other pages because that’s the one your visitors will see first.

Think about what you are doing and study other website designs before building anything. Don’t push your visitors away by having so many choices, colors or images that they become paralyzed with confusion and click off of the landing page. Attention spans are short. We need to grab them and keep them through the use of simplicity, videos, images and excellent written content.