Optimization Tips for Goggle Local Business Listings

business results reviewsI discovered a few great optimization tips for the Google business/ local listings that I’d like to share with you today. I recently had a client who was number one in the local search results for their website’s main keyword phrase. He called me a short while back and was disturbed because a new company’s website in his niche had trumped his placement. This really concerned me also because we had done everything relating to optimizing his business website’s pages correctly.

Here’s how I started to untangle the mystery. The first thing I did was to check the amount of back-links that his competitor had coming into their website. The results showed that they had NO back-links pointing to their website. This was a huge discovery in realizing that the listing had nothing to do with the quality or even the amount of links. Their website had ZERO. That was easy enough!

Still puzzled, I checked out the competitor’s website to see if they had used the main keyword phrase we were trying to rank for in any particular way that might give them favor in the Google Local Business Listing’s results. I discovered nothing that seemed to indicate that they had optimized their site better than we had ours. In fact the optimization on our pages was ten times better than theirs.

Next, I began to study the actual Google business registrations that each of the companies did. I began to notice some things that our competitor had done differently than my client had. There was one particular thing I noticed. They had written a review and my client had not.

So, I clicked on “write a review” for my client’s website and began writing an “Optimized” review. When I finished with it, I then closed out the window and refreshed my browser. Next, I entered our keyword phrase in the Google search box and hit “search.” Bata-Bing! I had unlocked the door and we were now stepping on the competitors’ heads. Within minutes I had turned the table upside down and we were once again number one on Google.

One thing I noticed right away when I looked at the review after doing the search is that the caches for the keywords were in “bold”. This was a huge indicator that the placement of the business in the results ranking was directly affected by the richness of the keywords on the review page.

Since discovering these tips, I have notified several friends and clients of mine and encouraged them to get their customers to write a review in the Google local Business Listings. These are the types of things we must continually do with “optimization” to improve our personal rankings and the positions of our clients’ web locations in the search results pages.