Not Much Changing For Homestead Sitebuilder SEO in 2010

I’d like to address some interesting things that I am discovering about how Google is changing and how it relates to Homestead and Sitebuilder SEO.

Google is still looking at your pages and internal linking structure very much the same.

If you have purchased the SEO lessons for Intuit/Homestead website users you have all of the tools that you need to set your internal search engine optimization up correctly. The results in this video showing many of my  top rankings with a Homestead website speak for them selves.

Many SEO professionals have reassured me that our search engine optimization video instructionals are in line with current techniques.

I would like to call your attention to something that is changing in the search engine results pages that we need to be aware of though.

Local Search Results With Google Maps Pushing Down Organic Listings
In case you haven’t noticed, Google is serving up a large block, sometimes ten listings, of local search results at the top of the first page. I discovered this while watching a video on the Web Pro News site. This is causing the organic listings to be pushed lower on the page. Here’s my suggestion, if you have a business, make sure that it is listed with Google maps. Follow the instructions below to get registered for this free service.

1) Create a Google account
2) Follow this link: Google Local Business Center
3) Enter your business information
4) Claim your business

To optimize for Google map results,  make sure your local business name, address and phone number are on your “Home” page and on your “contact page.” This will help in notifying the search engine spiders that your website is related to a local business in your community.

All of the information that we provide in the SEO Extreme Video Series is  in line with top SEO professional’s opinions as to what Google is looking for when they spider your Site Builder web pages. For the minimal amount of money the course costs, the results will be worth the investment.