New Intuit Websites Get Top Placements With Google

I recently built two Intuit websites for local business clients that within two weeks took number one placements with Google for the terms we were targeting. Soon afterward, both of these businesses had made more than enough money from their search engine traffic to cover the investment I put into it while building the sites and for the cost of “hosting” for one year with Intuit.

You can learn how to make it to the top of Google.

I’ve repeatedly written articles and produced videos that inform Intuit users that there are seven things that must be done correctly and three that should never be done within the Sitebuilder.

The video below shows how I am able to get great results with the Homestead search engine optimization techniques that are taught in the SEO Extreme Video series. They are available at the Homestead Users website. It is in this series where the secrets to succeeding with search engine traffic are revealed in great detail.

Get the series and you, too, will get higher placements with Google.

Below are a few pointers that can help you right now. There are then still seven more things that you must do correctly inside the Sitebuilder after implementing these three very important pointers I am sharing with you now.

Write plenty of content!
I always recommend that you should have NO LESS than five hundred words to a page. If you visit the business sites we featured in the video, you will discover that the pages have plenty of content on them. Search engines understand what your niche is about by the words that are on your pages. If you want to be found for a phrase, the words of that phrase MUST be on your page!

Selecting a Domain Name:

It’s vitally important that your domain name be related to the niche you will be publishing content about. If you noticed on the video, we found domain names that were very specific to the keyword phrases that people would most likely be using to find their business.

Link Your Pages Correctly:
Always use “anchor” text links on the internal structure of your website. By visiting the sites featured in the clip, you will discover that we linked keyword phrases throughout the Sitebuilder pages.

New websites very rarely start out getting top results with the search engines. Google has something that is called the “sandbox”. When you first publish your site, it takes a little while for the search engines to sift through your details in order to deem you as a legitimate site. If you present site has been up for a while and is hardly showing up with search engines, then you have probably not configured things properly.

Google has certain things that they look at when the Spiders visit a website. If you have these things in proper order, then your chances are much better for getting a higher ranking in the SERPS (search engine results pages). If you do not know what you are doing and just make a website using the pre-made templates, your chances are really slim at getting any search engine traffic at all. That’s just the plain truth!

The SEO Extreme Video Series is not just another product to sell. It was created to help people like you be more successful with your site. It contains the very techniques that I use to get great search engine placements using the Sitebuilder program by Intuit/Homestead. Both of the local businesses we featured in the video that are getting clients from their websites made sales within two weeks. For a minimal investment, you can increase your chances tremendously for ranking of your website niche with Google, Yahoo and Bing.