My Statistics Showing Five Hundred Visitors per Day

This is just a lot of fun to share with all of you. In December I started this WordPress blog. In less than eleven full months, I have generated a steady stream of online visitors of over five hundred hits per day. How I did this is revealed in the video where I actually show my Google Analytics web statistics for this particular website.

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This is mostly traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing, free traffic!

Go to Godaddy and sign up for a basic hosting account. Once you are set up, contact tech support and get them to set up your domain name with a WordPress blog. Once you do this, you can choose from the many templates that the blog offers. Settings up one of these blogs is like having a blog on steroids. If you will consistently add content to your pages, it must be optimized content though; you will see a steady increase in traffic over the long run.

My WordPress blog is hosted at Godaddy. A small hosting account costs less than ten dollars per month. The Word press blog is free to set up.

I used three plug-ins on the blog to help get all of these visitors.

1-All in One SEO
2-Related Posts plugin
3-Wp-Spam Free

There is a learning curve that goes along with learning how to use WordPress. Once you learn who to work with the Widgets, Plugins, and selecting templates, you will do just fine. It’s not a point, click,drag and drop system like the Intuit/Homestead Site Builder. You select a template and can start adding content right away.

  • Tip: Google loves blogs. Whenever you write an article , sometimes within seconds Google will index the page and put it int he search engines results. Yes, I said seconds! Start a blog related to your niche and then create links from your blog pointing to your Intuit/Homstead website pages. Post new articles ojn a daily basis. Eventually traffic will pour into your blog and find your main website with Intuit through your blog.

I always go to Youtube any time that I want to learn something about working with WordPress. They have hundreds of tutorials. Just keep the blog simple and focus on adding content on a daily basis.

Also, everything you need to know about writing optimized content is in the SEO Extreme video series designed to teach Homestead Website Optimization.

The video starts by showing one months worth of traffic and then I change the demonstration to reflect a chart graph showing the steady climb in website visitors, over the past ten and a half months. The peek so far has reached six hundred and seventy five visits in one day.

This is very exciting because the highest percentage of traffic is all free from search engines. I have never paid for any advertisements for this site ever.

A few visitors come from Twitter and Ezine Articles, but Google is responsible for well over ninety percent of the traffic.

These statistics that I am showing also will reflect the keyword phrases that people have found my website with. Almost fifteen hundred of them have driven over five hundred visitors to my pages on a daily basis.

The cool thing is that the numbers continue to increase as the content increases.

I address that my success is due to publishing over two hundred articles during the eleven month period.

If you study the SEO Extreme Video series for your Homestead website and apply the writing techniques explained in the video series, you can learn how to get top rankings with the search engines.

Content is the way to get loads of traffic for free. It actually will cost you an investment of time, by the rewards will be well worth your efforts if you stick with it. On this blog that is getting well over five hundred visitors per day, there is Adsense. I make a lot of money from the people who click on the advertisements. My Adsense statistics are very impressive too.