My Intuit Website is Built-Now What?

I had no idea what would transpire a few years ago after I built my first Intuit website. If someone had told me that I would be making a full-time living from the Internet by developing and selling niche products and selling affiliate products, I would have told them they were crazy.

I had no technical knowledge at all other than how to left and right click the mouse. I had a beginners level ability when it came to checking my email. I remember, I needed to have my sixteen year old son teach me how to add an attachment in my Gmail account.

Things have sure changed since then.

In fact, I have told several people that I’ve been in Internet college for the past few years. The interesting part about that is that I am self-taught for the most part. Ninety five percent of what I have learned about developing Intuit websites, building WordPress blogs and getting top placements with search engines, was learned through researching FREE content online.

After I built my first Sitebuilder website and found out that I could put an HTML code on the page that would serve up a Google Adsense advertisement, I was totally hooked. I jumped in with both feet and built several Homestead websites around niches I was familiar with.

In the beginning it was ten cents here and there, but I began to experience the possibility of limitless income. Now my efforts are pulling in well over one thousand dollars a month with just Adsense alone.

Then, I heard the term affiliate programs and wondered what that was all about. I soon discovered CJ, Clickbank and Linkshare. As I pursued building more websites and adding these companies products to them, I began to enjoy more income from those various types of income producing streams.

Then there was learning about email marketing with my Intuit website. This is a never ending learning curve that seems to change with the rapid movement of the Internet world. It didn’t take me long to learn that what all the gurus were telling me was true, the money was in the list.

I was forced to sign-up with Aweber when my email lists with Intuit were too big for them to handle on a daily basis.

Last year we sent out over 1,650,500 emails. These were all sent to people who wanted to receive emails from us on a daily basis. It boggles my mind how many peoples lives we can touch from our computer desks.

After I built my first Intuit Homestead website, I went full speed ahead. I have since created and published hundreds of Youtube videos. I’ve also created several niche membership sites that have instructional videos on them. I had to learn how to use a screen recorder, how to compress videos and how to edit them using Windows XP Professional’s movie maker program.

My most recent product was developing a downlaodable set of thirty six audio lessons that solve a common problem that most people in life have to deal with at some point or another. This idea caused me to learn how to use Free recording software.

The product was such a great hit that I learned how to create a CD and it is now available through a drop shipment company and people are buying the product.

Within two weeks of  launching the product, I had eleven email list subscribers. Out of those eleven, four of them made purchases totaling $110 plus…

Article marketing, ebook creation, photo editing software, article spinners, mass video distribution, directory submission software, outsourcing and what is know as content syndication are now common words in my vocabulary.

If someone had told me that after I built my first Intuit website that I would soon go from full-time cabinet maker to full-time Internet marketer, I would have laughed at them. I literally knew nothing about Internet marketing or had I had any formal training in the field. I didn’t even know what HTML or Javascript was.

To this day, I equate my success on the Internet to one simple moment in time, the day I told God, “I hate building cabinets…please do something.” Not long after that prayer I built my first Intuit website and the rest is history.