Monetizing WordPress Images

How To Monetize  WordPress Images

Example Of Monetizing WP Images

Very few people realize that the WordPress blog program has an excellent feature for making additional money through utilizing the images description. For years the top SEO advisers have been telling us to give our images an alt tag. This is critically important because your photo can get listed in the Goolge images when you add the alt tag.

Today, I want to take this a step further. Don’t just give your WordPress photos an alt tag. You need to fill in the title and take time to describe the image. The title should be a targeted keyword phrase that is not being focused on in the main article. Don’t over stuff your keywords in this area. Just use descriptive words that are not necessarily in your article.

You can monetize the image description area in two ways.

  • Add a hyper link in the description that will take visitors to the website page where the image originated from. Yes, you can use the href HTML hyper link code in this area and it will create an active link that can be clicked on.
  • Add an Adsense unit in the description. Yes, you can post the java script code in the WordPress image description area. Refer to this article explaining what is allowable by Google in relation to Adsense and Images being used together.

Here’s why filling in the description area is really important. If you only add an alt tag you will only have a chance at being found in the Google Images results. The moment you write a decent description of the photograph, you have just created a separate page in WordPress that has enough content on it to be listed in the search engine results pages. What happens is because the keyword density of the image description is so rich in relation to the amount of content used to describe the photo, Goolge will give you top placements in the SERPS.

This top ranking page may only be short-lived due to the amount of content used on the page, but it still gives you another opportunity to cash in on advertising dollars by monetizing the image page.

When a visitor to your main article clicks on the image to enlarge it, they will be taken to the page that has the description of the image on it. Your Adsense add or affiliate information will be right there waiting for them to click on it. This is so much better than displaying an image “only” when a visitors clicks on the photograph while reading the main article.

Can you see how this can increase your Adsense and affiliate revenue. Monetize your images in this way and you will make more money online with your WordPress blog.