Making Layout Bigger Site Builder Page Alterations

Unfortunately, sometimes what you see is what you get. In order to try and make some of the Homestead Site Builder templates larger, you have to be a professional at working with photo editing software like Photo Shop or Gimp. It may be necessary for you to copy, cut, clip, expand and add onto existing images that are used with the Sitebuilder layout that you have chosen. It hardly seems worth the hassle of trying to enlarge the elements of the preset designs because some of them are really complex puzzles of many images combined together. This is why I always like to create my own designs.

I wrestled with the question of how you make one of these templates bigger until I finally decided to stop using them altogether. Here’s what I did to overcome my frustrations. I invested time in learning how to do Homestead website photo editing using the Gimp editing software. Once I learned how to work with images and special text, I was able to start creating my own personalized designs.

Once you understand how to work with images and creative text patterns, you can basically create your own template designs for your Intuit website too. Because there are so many websites to model on the Internet, it’s rather easy to find something that works.

Perhaps this is not a good suggestion for the person who just wants to quickly get a business or hobby site published onto the World Wide Web. If you are interested in continuing to build websites, then it’s a good idea to learn how to alter photographs.

Some of Homestead’s free built-in templates will work just fine because the page layouts are large enough to accommodate plenty of photos and content. I recently had a friend of mine choose a layout that would not allow enough room for me to even add a five hundred word article to his site. It didn’t take me long to call him and ask if I could just design a custom theme for him.

I any event, if you are really set on trying to expand the template of your Homestead website to suit your needs, you are going to need to learn how to alter images. Many of the Sitebuilder layouts are put together using a series of images. There’s really no way of getting around taking the puzzle parts out and trying to replace them with different sized pieces. .