Making Banners With SiteBuilder

The process of making banners is really easy with the SiteBuilder. In this video tutorial I show you how to create a banner and also how to turn the banner into an image that can be linked to a website page using HTML code.

Below is the HTML code that you will need when creating (or, making) a banner using your homestead websites, site builder program.


<a href=””><br>
<img title=”Sarasota, Forum”
border=0 src=””></a>

Inside of the code, the top URL is for where the photo is located on the Internet and the other is the URL of the banner/ photo. There is also a title area where you can name the image.

How to make a banner and formulate an HTML image code that links the banner to a web site address.

1) Design the banner using all of the features that are available in the site builder program.

2) Take a screen shot of it. Hold the shift key down and at the same time push the print screen button on the keyboard, located in the upper right corner.

3) Paste the screen shot into Paint or another program on your computer that will accept the photo. Next save it in your computer’s files.

4) Open the saved screen shot with a photo editor. I use Gimp, it is free at we use it for editing Homestead photos.

5) Crop the banner to the size you need it to be then save it a s a jpeg.

6) In site builder create a web page that is only for banners.

7) Add the banner photo to your web page and publish it.

8) Right click on the photo and it will display a photo URL(if using Internet Explorer), copy the URL. If you are using Fire Fox click on copy Image Location.

In the HTML code, the first URL is the destination of the link when someone clicks on the banner. The second Url is where you will paste the photo’s address that you just created. Now you have just created an HTML banner that can be used anywhere on the Internet that accepts HTML code. Places like My Space, Blogger and Craigslist are web locations where the code can be pasted and will yield a pic that can be clicked.

If you do your banner will be gone.

That’s all there is to creating a banner the computer code. The HTML code can be used in the site builder program by clicking on the add HTML button. You can paste the code into the application and it will work on your Homestead website pages too.

Optional places for creating a photo URL are places such as , Image Shack and Photo Bucket. Both of the sites will generate a photo URL when you upload your pics.

Making banners is a lot of fun and really easy with the SiteBuilder program. Just by following the steps in the video tutorial you can create beautiful images in a matter of minutes, once you get the process down really good.