Make Money With Amazon on Your Intuit/Homestead Website

Internet income streams are how you build your online business. Amazon has an affiliate program that will allow you to make money with your Intuit/ Homestead Site. All you have to do is sign up for the companies associate program  and you will be set to start getting the products on your site.

This particular affiliate program gives you a commission on everything that someone buys from their website if they passed through your affiliate link to get to the products. There are a number of widgets, links and banners that can be placed on your Homestead Sitebuilder pages very easily.

Steps for Creating Product Displays From

  1. Choose the style banner, carousel, widget or text link that you want to use

  2. Enter into the search box a topic for the items you want to display on your website

  3. Choose what products you want to try and sell

  4. Copy and paste the final HTML code into the sitebuilder page on your Intuit website

Adding Amazon Products to a Homestead Website

All you have to do is click on the “Add HTML” icon in the sitebuilder and enter the code for the items you selected at Amazon to display on your website in the properties editor to the right.

As an example of one of the optional display items, the carousel above is from the Amazon website. I personally selected what I wanted to be in the display. I will only make money if someone clicks a selection and then purchases something from the Amazon site.

Through the years I have benefited from the Amazon Associates program. I originally learned how to make money using Adsense and then my second income stream was the Amazon Affiliate program. Today I have over twenty different income streams online. The more income streams you can get built and the faster you can drive traffic to your Intuit/Homestead website, the more money you will make online.