How I Make Money Through Using Aweber

Have you heard about Aweber?

It is a company that collects and stores email addresses. In fact you may be reading this now because you responded to an email that the system sent you from my account.

You can well imagine that I am trying to sell you something right now and I am. I sent an email blast out to my list of subscribers hoping that you would read this and try the one dollar-trial that Aweber has. If you decide to stay with the company after the trial is over, I will get a commission.

The Aweber Company is the number one choice of Internet marketers for managing email addresses. Now the so-called “gurus” of online marketing world have hundreds of thousands of email addresses that they have collected through the years. This is the primary way that many of them make money online. Once you opt into their list, they can keep in contact with you on a regular basis.

Try Awebers Autoresponders For $1

Email Marketing $19/Month!

It’s really simple the way this works. If you have one or one hundred-thousand subscribers, all you do is select the list you want to mail, create the message and hit send. You can also create as many follow-up emails on automatic as you want.

There are several ways that I make GOOD money online. The reason I say that it is “good money” is because my sales systems are automatic and my traffic doesn’t cost me anything. My traffic is free because I know how to SEO an Intuit website.

Ways to Make Money With Aweber Auto Pilot Product Deliveries

Aweber allows me to set up my products on an automatic delivery system. Once the sales transaction has taken place through Paypal, the email system at Aweber automatically delivers my digital product information. The customer makes the purchase, the money goes into my Paypal account and the information is automatically delivered. This is a hands-free system that generates “passive” income. It is called an “email parser”. There is an easy-to-follow video at Aweber that I used to set up the automatic delivery of my products. It took me about a half-hour to interconnect things.

Follow Up Emails

I have a list of subscribers that get daily devotions emailed to them from Aweber. I created the devotionals and the follow-up messages. When someone subscribes to the list, they begin receiving daily devotions. I send the subscribers to pages that have advertisements on them along with the devotionals. If they click on an advertisement… I make money.

Product Discounts
Everyone loves to get a great price on things. If you have been on my email list for a while, you know that I periodically offer discounts on the products that I have developed. Once someone opts into my email list, I can offer them a discount if they do not purchase right away. I have a very high success ratio for opt-ins to sales because of this method.

The way everyone makes money with Aweber is by getting people to trust them. Here’s how the basic model works.

  1. You offer something of value for free or very little money.
  2. Once they opt in through your Aweber email form, you start sending them the free information.
  3. Included with your free information are links to the products you are selling.

People who have been making money online for a while realize that the money is in the list. Once you have a list started- you can bring traffic to your website any time you choose.

It is through the email follow-up messages that you establish trust with your subscribers. Once you establish that you are an authority in your niche and people trust you, they will eventually purchase things from you.

With Aweber you can send an unlimited amount of emails. You can have them set up to be automatically sent out and you can send a “broadcast” message manually any time you desire.