Intuit Websites Renaming Pages-Gene Townsend Video

Found this excellent tutorial for renaming an Intuit website page. This Youtube video by Gene Townsend was screen recorded inside the Intuit/Homestead SiteBuilder program. We are looking forward to hearing more from Gene on several subjects that he promises to deliver.

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Tutorial Topics Promised for Homestead Websites

* Tips for using the SiteBuilder

* Integrating third party software applications

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

* Email Marketing

* eCommerce (Online Stores)

By all appearances this clip was made since Intuit changed the Site Builder’s functions comments and menu selections in 2009.

This is a great clip where Gene mentions that most Intuit beginners start by using a template. He actually does the demonstration on what appears to be his own business website for martial arts training. The edits were made on Novemeber 4 2009.

Changing page names in the Intuit website creator is a rather simple process. As we observe the Gene Townsend website tutorial for SiteBuilder users, he opens a page that was originally named “Menu” and changes it to reflect the actual contents of the business schedule that is “Classes.”

Whenever there’s a page that gets renamed in Intuit’s web builder, the old page still remains in the file manager. In the Gene Townsend training video for renaming SiteBuilder pages, his last example is related to cleaning out the old page that was called “Menu” from inside the SiteBuilder file manager. He basically goes into the file manager, selects the unwanted page and then clicks on delete at the top of the page.

  • Tip: If you are wondering why you cannot delete a page or remove it from inside the file manager of the SiteBuilder, it must not be open in the web page editor. Click on file at the top left of your page and then select “close all.” Once you close the page that you want to eliminate from your website, you can now delete it from the file manager. That’s one small detail that Gene Townsend didn’t mention in this Intuit teaching on renaming pages.

With this SiteBuilder template that he is using for the Martial Arts business, he is using Homestead’s built-in navigation feature. In order to complete the change correctly, Gene has to click on the navigation menu. Once he does this, in the properties editor to the right, he then clicks on “links.” This allows him to change the name from “Menu” to the new page name that is “Classes.”

Working inside the Intuit website builder is really very easy. There are many tutorial videos on Youtube for working with SiteBuilder. The Homestead Expert Youtube channel has many video tutorial clips that demonstrate how to build and design Intuit web pages using this great point, click, drag and drop system.

Let’s keep our eyes open for more training about how to work with the Intuit website builder from Gene Townsend. I have to say I am very excited about the tips that he will be sharing with us about working with SiteBuilder.