Internet Marketing Your Business Website

The internet is changing daily and so are the business marketing techniques that are proving to be successful. Small business and hobby sites using the Intuit/Homestead website building software will get lost in the massive storm of giant companies if they do not learn how to play in the game.

Your angle should be speed an agility. Because you are small you can work fast and be very focused. Here’s the main key to succeeding with your Internet marketing efforts though, they must be personalized. This is why people enjoy working with small companies because the service is very personalized. This is what separates businesses in the real world and also in the Internet world as well.

Solid Foundational Tips:

1) Make your contact information complete and easily accessible on your website.

2) Use video as often as possible on your websites. Great people with them and use them to explain your services. People are multitasking and it’s easier to be doing other things while listening or glancing at a video.

3) Collect email addresses (Email Marketing With Homestead) and keep in contact with your lists. Provide them with quality free information about your services and their interest in your company.

4) In everything you do be personal. Use pictures with your posts and upload videos often so people can actually see a face behind the website operations.

The way the online world works is that you have to move faster than the other guys. I wrote an article some time ago about having a “no mercy mind set.” This means that you have to go hard and fast with your Internet marketing efforts to blow your competition out of the way. The title of the article was Internet Marketing Domination.

I really like to live by the term: “I won’t relent until I have it all!”

This is the type of determination that small business website owners must adapt if the goal of their Homestead website is to market products and services on the Internet.

Most people who start a website don’t have a clue what is going on out here online. Somehow they think if they just build a site, then streams of visitors will come and visit their pages. That’s not how it works in this giant sea of people, hobbyists, business owners and most certainly Internet marketers.

Hear me on this one, you must use every avenue you can find to dominate the market that you are in because if you do not someone else will. Your marketing efforts must be focused and fast. If you can leverage the use of software that helps you move quicker than your competition, then you should do so.

We are on the Internet surfing and there are many new waves that come rolling in. You have to get on the biggest wave that you can ride and have fun with it.

This is no place for the webmaster who wants to launch a website and then do nothing else to promote it or grow the site. If an Intuit website is not growing, it will eventually be mowed over by the larger sites that are literally moving with typhoon strength online.

One of the biggest waves that’s hitting the net right now is video. If you are not riding this wave you need to be. Learn how to make them and upload them. If you don’t want to do this, hire someone to do it for you.

Very soon we are going to start hearing more about a term called “Horizontal” website businesses.

A horizontal site is a website like eHow. This site is starting to show up all over the results pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is an information site that is pumping out content and videos in massive amounts. There’s no way that little sites like Homestead Sitebuilder websites can match the mass of these horizontal sites. They are leveraging new technology that produces the highest paying keywords and then they mass produce content and videos and spit them out with hurricane wind strength all over the Internet.

To them all they want to do is produce content, build links pointing to their pages link and produce videos that will draw visitors to their sites. That’s what is working so they are riding current Internet waves with great speed and massive movement to make money.

So where does this leave the small hobby or business website built with the Intuit Company software? I’ll tell you how we can win at this game. It’s called building and establishing trust with people on the Internet. That’s how we win. Establish strong foundational relationships that will literally last a lifetime.

Small businesses have always been well established because of the personalized services that they provide. This is where you must focus your Internet marketing efforts. Write loads of content, build an email list of people who trust you and produce videos continuously. The more that your voice and face are seen online, the better your Internet marketing adventures will turn out.