Internet Business Building-Duplicate Something That Works

This is something where the title speaks for its self, but I have some good business building ideas to help with your Internet ventures. The key point I want to focus on is we should duplicate something that is making money. When we find something that works on the Internet it will work over and over again. There are several things that we must do to find something that works, design easy pages to duplicate, write content, study statistics, monetize our pages and build links.

Finding Something That Works

The process of finding something that works. This may take a little while to discover something that will generate revenue on the Internet, but once you lock into what works, duplicate it.

The way I found a few keys for the things that work for me was to build websites where I had knowledge about specific topics. This was the easiest place to begin with my Intuit/Homestead websites. I experimented with various advertisement placements and eventually found some reliable layouts that generate repetitive income.

Designing Your Web Pages
When you are developing your websites, it’s important to design your Intuit website pages so that they are easy to duplicate. Because you will be publishing articles regularly, a simple layout should be in place that looks good and is easy to paste your content into.
Assemble layouts with your Intuit-SiteBuilder pages that are super easy to add content to.

Publishing Content
Write content that has Homestead Website Optimization techniques implemented on them. This will help you get the most exposure for free website traffic. The more content that you publish the better your chances are of being found.

Checking Your Statistics
You must monitor your real tracker statistics. By doing this, you can determine which of your website’s pages are getting the moist traffic and then you can focus extra attention to those URLs by building links.

Building Links

Some of the easiest ways to build links are through commenting on blogs and writing articles. I also have had success with joining forums that allow signature links.

Once you create a website, add your content, and discover which pages are getting traffic, then you should monetize those pages to sell your products.

When you start making money then you have put together something that works. Now the key to making more cash on the Internet is by duplicating what you just accomplished with another niche website.

This is why I think it is important to keep your pages simple for adding content to them. It will allow you to post more content quickly and to duplicate your website’s design fast as well. The less time you have to invest in designing your pages then the more time you have to build other niche sites. So, keeping this in mind, keep things simple.

The more tools that you can use for automating things the better making money will go for you. In previous posts

I have written about using automatic email systems and creating content with an article changer. These are two tools that can help you automate your revenue generating niches to continue making passive income.

So, in review…Design your pages to be easy to duplicate and add content to. Write optimized articles, monitor your statistics, and build back links to the pages that are getting traffic. Finally, monetize your most often visited web pages so that you will make many product sales.

Then, after you get one website set up making money and it is as automated as you can possibly get it, start another niche website using these same methods. Building an Internet revenue generating business is challenging, but when something begins to work, just duplicate it over and over again. Online revenue is virtually limitless when you discover something that works.