Three Ways to Increase Your Earnings

There are specific methods that are used to increase the amount of money we make online. Everyday another Internet marketer is revealing something new that has never been shared before. I am going to share a few basic principles in this arena that will help us all get focused on making more money with our Intuit Sitebuilder pages.

Since we have just ended another year, perhaps this is a good time to look at what worked and what did not. This has to be the beginning of increasing the amount of money that we make with our Intuit/Homestead website.

We must determine what is making money and multiply the amount of traffic to those page. This will then increase the conversions and we will make more money. So, we should focus on where we get the best results and the most value for our time. This is going to require that we spend time studying how to use the Homestead website Real Tracker statistics data to our advantage. It’s like pouring gas on a fire. Once we identify what is working the best with our Intuit Sitebuilder pages, pour more of what works into the website.

Learn Proper Business Time Management

While we are building our online presence, it’s important to manage our time wisely. There are too many distractions on the Internet. Turn the email buzzer off, turn the phone off, stay away from facebook and work at hitting the mark of your goals.

Help Other People Succeed
One of the best ways of establishing an authority status online is by helping others succeed in the niche that you have in common. We have uploaded many free Homestead website tutorial videos to Youtube and other sites that have helped establish us an authority on using the Sitebuilder program. Hundreds have downloaded our free Homestead website SEO eBook and also purchased products from us as a result of us helping them learn more about using the Sitebuilder.

So here’s a quick recap of three things that will help us increase in our Internet sales. We must get focused on what is making us money and pour gas on the flame. Increase website traffic and you will make more money with what is already working. Manage your time wisely and you will make more money. Designate a specific work time and turn all of the distractions off. Help others achieve their goals and they will be grateful and recommend your services to their friends, family and co-workers. I am certain that if we apply these three things to our online businesses and offline ventures, we will see an increase in the amount of revenue this year. Our earnings have the possibility of doubling and even tripling.