Huge Traffic Drop Since Panda Algorithm Update By Google

Did you experience a huge downward slide in traffic after the Farmer/Panda update when you looked at your Google Analytics reports? If your rankings dropped, there’s not much that can be changed at this point. They have made it clear that they did not target individual websites, but rather made algorithmic changes that filtered through all of their databases.

Does your opinion matter to Google about what is showing in the search results? Apparently so because they have a designated forum thread where you can share your thoughts about what has been happening in the search results since the update went live.

Have your rankings taken a big dive since the Farmer/Panda update that Goolge initiated? Did you experience a giant drop in traffic? Where can you tell Google about what has happened?

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who fall in the twelve percent 12% of the websites that have been negatively effected by the Panda move, you can voice your opinion in the Google forum.

Now, they have made it clear that this was an algorithm change. Here’s a small bit of what is posted on the forum thread where you can voice your opinion:

“Note that as this is an algorithmic change we are unable to make manual exceptions, but in cases of high quality content we can pass the examples along to the engineers who will look at them as they work on future iterations and improvements to the algorithm. “

I was one of the fortunate ones whose sites did not get hit by the Farmer update. However, many of my pages have been forced down a placement or two because eHow or Demand Media pages seemed to have gotten a favorable raise out of the update.

There are several people who have voiced their opinion about Demand Media and the shallow content that this website manufactures in the one million pages they publish every month. This video is well worth watching  In it,  Google is actually accused by Microsoft of being the ones responsible for all of the trash content on the Internet because of Adsense publishers pumping out poor content to make a quick buck.

The changes that were made were supposed to be targeting the large content farms and scraper sites. Ezine Articles reported a significantly big drop in traffic after the last Panda algorithm tweak. While eHow still dominates the front-page of Google throughout a large scale of niche topics.

If you are wondering what you can do about what happened to your website, Vanessa Fox, a former Google team member, has posted an article offering suggestions. You can read about that here: Traffic Plummeted Since The Google Update

If I’ve learned anything at all since I’ve been publishing pages to the Internet, things can change for the good or bad in an instant. When Google makes changes, inevitably there are going to be large and small websites who get hit hard, experience huge drops in traffic and have big changes to make in order to recover. This is why I feel it’s important to be diversified and have several websites and blogs about various niche topics that you are knowledgeable about.