How to Succeed With Adsense

There are three keys to making money with Adsense. In order to succeed you must be persistent, have patients and monitor your web page performance. So, let’s just call this the three “Ps” of how to make money with a Homestead website with this affiliate program.

Choose a Good Niche

You will have to do your research because some Internet marketers have saturated some niches so that you will never rank on the first page of Google. Markets such as real estate, the medical field and insurance are filled with online experts making money with Adsense.

In order to succeed with Adsense on a Homestead website you need a decent paying niche. If you can find a specialized niche that pays an average of fifty cents per click, this will help contribute to you being motivated to keep working the affiliate program. Create an Adwords account and use the keyword selector tool to help determine if it will be a good subject to write content about. You will be able to get an idea of how well your choice niche pays per click and how much traffic there is in that market. If you see that the people creating the advertisements are paying over $4.00 per click, for various keyword phrases, then you probably have a good paying niche.

How to be successful using Adsense with a Homestead website, the three “Ps.”

You must continue to learn about how to get top rankings with the search engines because without traffic, you will not get any clicks. If you haven’t gotten the free Homestead Website SEO eBook yet, I would encourage you to download it now. You must learn how to get to the top. This is going to be largely dependent upon the amount of content that you write and the keyword phrases that you focus on. Be persistent in learning about doing effective keyword research and writing optimized content. Another good “p” word is passionate. Be passionate enough to publish an article a day on subjects related to your website niche. Place a few Adsense advertisements on your article pages. The bottom line is don’t give up! In time you will reap a harvest from all of the sowing that you are doing on the Internet if you have chosen a good niche.

It may not seem like you’re making much in the beginning. As you continue to learn about how to make more money with Adsense and continue to put the advertisements on your website, your income will steadily increase. Remember, an article a day is what it is going to take to see an increase. Listen, once you’re reeling in the passive income and enjoying the fruits of your labor, life will be good. The people who are making a couple of hundred dollars a day off of the Google affiliate program had to put in some serious time publishing content and learning how to make more money. Once the profits begin to pour in-they will continue to do so, even without you doing anything.

In your main Homestead website account you can check the statistics of your web pages. The ones that are getting the most traffic should be monetized the best. You will know which pages to focus on the most by checking the performance of your site. In the Google Analytics program there is an awesome feature that will show you which pages that your ads are getting clicked on. Certain keyword phrases will make more money than others. If you can sort out which pages are making the most per click, then you can try to push those higher on the results pages of the search engines.

A well- known Internet marketer encouraged me about two years ago when I was complaining about not making hardly any money. They said: “Jordy don’t give up, eventually you will start making decent money with Adsense.” Because of their reputation, I stuck with it. I am so glad that I did because the passive income is starting to pour in form having Adsense on my Homestead websites and blogs that I operate. The income stream is only working because of the amount of optimized content that I have consistently published on a daily basis.

It’s been suggested that you should try to discover keyword phrases that are paying fifty cents or more and expand on them. This is where the monitoring of the performance comes in. That’s the three Ps of how you can succeed with Adsense on a Homestead website. With persistence, patience and by monitoring your web pages performance you are certain to enjoy profits if your niche of choice is not fiercely competitive.