How To Promote a Homestead Website

Once you start your Intuit site, you will need to learn how to promote your business or hobby. The Homestead website design system is easy to use, but getting visitors to your pages is going to be an entirely different learning curve. In this article, we are going to focus in on a few ways of promoting your site.

If you want to start getting people to visit your web pages quickly and without spending any money, here are a few suggestions. These promotional techniques are totally free.

Promoting on Craig’s List

This is the quickest way to get website traffic/visitors coming into your Site Builder pages. The promotion of your business, hobby, event or products can be done easily and quickly. Go to and sign up for a free account. Choose the state and city where you want your advertisement to appear. Enter your information in the text area and include a link to your Homestead website. Millions of people visit this website every month. It’s a great way to start promoting an Intuit/homestead website.

  • Tip: When you are using Craig’s List as one of your promotional tools for your site, DO NOT OVER POST! This will get you labeled as a spammer on the advertising giant’s site and could possible get your IP address blacklisted.

Join a Community Forum
I feel this is the second fastest promotional tool that will help you get traffic coming into your Homestead website. Look for web forums that share a common interest in your business or hobby niche. Before you join the forum see if the users have clickable links in the signature areas of their posts. If there are no clickable links in the individual posts of the users, I personally would not join the community. You want to be able to have an active anchor text link in your signature area. This way your services can be promoted through making posts and people can click on a link to your web pages.

Start Posting on Blogs

Using a blog as a promotional tool for your Ituit/Homestead website is another wonderful way to begin promoting your information. Most blogs will allow you to make comments on the posts. In this area you can enter your name and also the website URL of your business site. When people are reading through the comments, if you have written something interesting enough for people to explore further, the promotion of your site through a link will effortlessly bring traffic to your Site Builder pages.

Write Articles
This is a fast way to get people coming to your website. The time consuming part will be writing the article. Join Ezine Articles for free and upload links in your author bio section that point to your web pages that you want to promote.

Promoting a Homestead Website on Google

In order to get free visitors through Google, you will need to learn web Optimization. A good place to start the learning process is by downloading our free SEO Homestead Website eBook. This form of web traffic is slow going. It can take months to get people coming to your pages. You still must learn how to promote your Intuit website through the use of SEO.

Learning how to market a Homestead website is going to take an investment of time. There are many ways of doing website promotion on the Internet. Your Intuit web builder is equipped with everything that you need to be successful at website design, now you will just to learn how to promote a Homestead website. I’ve been promoting my web pages all over the Internet for several years now and I get loads of traffic coming into my Site Builder pages daily. There are two benefits that I enjoy from being able to promote my site properly. Number one, I am able to share very useful and helpful information with people who need to learn what I know. Number two, the more traffic I get the more money I make with my Intuit website program