How to Optimize Images Without Them Getting Blurred

Clearer Homestead Website ImageIf you have tried to use the built-in SiteBuilder  “Optimize Image” icon for reducing the file size of a photograph, it probably got blurred, looks fogy or cloudy. Optimizing photos so they are not murky can be done with a different editor. It’s a bit of a pain to have to do this off of the Homestead SiteBuilder program, but this is what you will have to do to make the pictures look clear and not hazy.

Learning how to work with another program can be frustrating, challenging and fun at the same time, especially if you are hooked on learning website design. Please don’t faint at the suggestion. The editing software I am going to suggest is free and easy to work with.

Altering an Image to Load on Your Site Quicker by Changing the Dpi or Ppi

A digital photo is measured using dots per inch or DPI. Another term that you may see is PPI which stands for pixels per inch.

The recommended dots or pixels per inch for web design are 72dpi. If you are uploading a large size photo, like 600 wide x 400 high, you will need to reduce the pixels per inch to smaller than 72ppi in order for it to load quickly.

How to Change an Image so it is Not Blurry on your Homestead web Page

I like to use the Gimp photo editor for making unclear images so they are not blurred on my Homestead website. I tried so many times with the Site Builder to get the pictures to not be frosty in appearance, but never had success. It’s nothing you are doing wrong, it’s the built-in image optimizer that’s making them look fuzzy. Editing photos and designing logos is easy with the program as well.

Follow these steps for changing the resolution size of your pictures.

1)    Download Gimp, it’s totally free. Get it at

2)    With the program open, click on “File” (top left) then on “Open.”

3)    Browse your computer and click on the image that you want to change the photo resolution size on. Gimp will load the picture into the photo editor.

4)    Next choose “Image” in the center of the Gimp tool bar.

5)    Choose “scale image.”

6)    Adjust the resolution size of the photograph to 75 dpi

7)    Click on “File” and save the new pic under a different name.

This photo editor works great for altering images for your Homestead website so they are not blurred. I learned how to do it in a matter of minutes, once I downloaded the free digital photograph editor. Without using something other than the built-in photo optimizer in the Site Builder program you will be stuck with blurry images. Personally, I think unclear pics look tacky.  When a picture has poor quality it reflects upon the webmaster’s reputation. If I were you, I’d take the time to learn a new program so that your website’s design looks professionally built because your photos are not obscure.

Getting them to the point of being 72dpi only takes a minimal amount of time. Take the time and optimize them right now. You will not make a professional looking website without taking time to optimize the images on your Homestead website.