How to Move Image Backward in SiteBuilder

layersWorking with various layers inside the Intuit program to create logos and banners is possible inside of the Site Builder program. Actually, stacking various elements in the Homestead program is simply a matter of knowing where and what to click.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to get images and different shapes, like an inserted rectangle element to move forward or backward when you are designing your pages with several items stacked on top of one another.

When you load or add a new element to your SiteBuilder page, oftentimes you will want to create layers. In this article, you will learn the steps on how to move things frontward and backward in Intuit’s SiteBuilder.

By learning how to utilize this web page design function within the Intuit program, you can really customize your websites look and feel with personal images.

One of the things I like to do is use the rectangle element and add rounded corners. Then, I develop another one, but make it a little small. I place the small layer on top of the bigger one. This makes for a nice layout for content to be placed in or even images, depending upon how large the area is you are working with.

How do you move layers in the Intuit/Homestead Site Builder?

Refer to the image above as you review these steps.

1) Left click on the image or text that is already inserted onto the SiteBuilder page you are working on. It should then change to having a thin blue line around it.

2) Next right click on the photo, rectangle, circle, square or text that you want to move forward or backward.

3) A small grey window will appear on the screen giving you several options.

4) If you click on one of the top two choices, this will either send the element all the way back or bring it entirely to the front of the web page parts that you want to layer or stack.

5) The bottom two selections will only move the item you have highlight frontward or backward, one layer at a time. This allows you to stack and merge many layers together in order to create your own unique design with the Intuit program.

When you are working with several items at once and trying to design your own banners or logo, be careful to not position a layer in such a way that you cannot click on it to move it. It might take a little while to make a conscious effort to not let this happen. With me, I always get so involved in trying to design the layers and arrange them that I forget about the positioning of the element. When I do this sometimes I will click on the option to send an object all the way back and it will disappear behind everything else. The only way to get it back is to move the items that are covering the layer.

If you have not seen our Youtube video on moving multiple page elements in the SiteBuilder, I would recommend that you watch it. It can be found at the Homestead Expert Youtube channel. The tutorial will help you when you are working with different elements and trying to arrange them on top of each other.

We also have created a video tutorial that teaches how to make a banner using the Site Builder program. This video too demonstrates the value of learning how to work with layers, by moving them forward or backward inside of the Intuit software program.