How to Make a PDF Format eBook Using Open Office

In this article you will find everything you need to learn how to make an eBook using Open Office freeware. You will then be able to export it as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Once you are finished, you can upload the eBook to your Intuit/Homestead website.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to make the cover, set up the table of contents, link chapters and headings, insert images and also how to protect your ebook using the PDF security settings.

E-Book Cover Maker
This system for making E-Book covers has a free trial-offer. It is easy to use. Just upload your photos for the cover and binder area. If the photos need to be altered at all, you can use Gimp which is freeware.

Open Office
This is another freeware program. Watch this video to see how the program will create a table of contents for you and also link chapters and titles together. A professional E-Book can be created rather quickly using the Open Office program. Once the eBook is completed, it can be exported into an Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

How to Set Up Your eBook
YouTube is a great place to learn how to do things. Following is a wonderful video called “How To Make A Book With The Free PDF Editor In Open Office” which will walk you through how to set up the following:

1) The header
2) The footer
3) Inserting copyright symbol
4) Inserting graphics
5) Linking URL
6) The Title page
7) The Copyright
8) A message from the author
9) Tables and columns
10) Select borders
11) Page breaks
12) Developing a disclaimer page

How to Automatically Create a Table of Contents
Here is a wonderful video that demonstrates how to command the Open Office program to generate a table of contents which is linked to the sections you select inside the E-Book.

How to Link Chapters and Set the Security Settings for Your E-book
This video tutorial for Open Office demonstrates how to set the protection settings. You can set up passwords and also set the security settings to allow the document to either be able to be printed or to not be. You can set your pages’ security settings so that people cannot copy and paste your work. You will also learn how to create links for all of the chapters and headings in the E-Book.

How to Transform the Open Office Document into a PDF
With every new program comes a learning curve. To export the text document that you created using the Open Office free software, click on “file” and then select “export” as a PDF. That is basically all there is to creating an E-Book in a PDF format using the freeware Open Office program.

Finished E-book