How to Get Domain Name Ideas That Produce Good Results

Selecting the correct domain name for your website is very important. This is why extensive research should precede choosing the name. Concentrate on the main keyword phrases in your niche of choice when researching different ideas. You want to keep the name short and easy to remember.

Stay away from using numbers or hyphens in the URL- if at all possible. URL’s like that just tend to confuse people.

Always try to find a good “.com” name. Most people type them into the address box first when looking for a website. In certain cases, however, if you’re a non-profit organization, consider purchasing the “.org” format.

If you want to protect the name, you should buy the “.com”, “.net” and “.org” versions of your domain name.

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important aspects of SEO for an Intuit website. The means by which you select one can have a huge effect on your placement in the results pages of the major search engines.

Though most websites today rank well because of the amount of back-links they have pointing to their site, placing the main search phrase in your domain name may help you have an even better chance at competing on the first page of Google.

Three Ways to Get Ideas for a Website or Blog Domain Name

Here are the first three things I do when looking for ideas for a website or blog domain name (and all of these research tools are free for you to use):

1) Use the Google “Adwords” Keyword Selector.
This tool is totally free and will help you greatly when looking for a niche name.

Sign-up for a Google account.
Login into Adwords.
Click on “opportunities” at the top of the page.
Look for the “tools” title on the left.
Click on “keyword tool.”

Type your main phrase into the research box and click on “search.”
The results will return hundreds of variations of your keyword phrase.
Look for the most popular combinations and gather ideas from those phrases.

2) Find a Domain Name Generator

There are several free versions out there that are very good.
There’s one that I use called “Name Boy”.
Just type your ideas for your name into the search box and it will yield several
different suggestions.

3) Use Back-link Watch

This is another free tool that allows you to type in a domain name which is already
making top placements in your niche. When the results are displayed, pay close
attention to the “anchor text” phrases that they are building back-links with. Usually
these anchor-links will reveal what your competition considers to be important
phrases in your niche. Extend the research by using these ideas for names in the
Google “Adwords” tool and also use the “domain name generator” tool.

Once you have several ideas for a domain name selected, go to and
search to see if your domain name is available. If not, continue brainstorming while
using “Godaddy’s” tool.

There are many factors that go into producing good results with your website traffic.
Don’t rush into gathering ideas for a domain name. Try to get some of your main
keyword phrase in it and this will help you be a greater success on the Internet.