How to Develop Your Authority Status Online

I learned how to become an authority online by studying a lot of Internet content. In order to develop an Internet presence you must utilize many of the web 2.0 systems that are available. My easy to understand definition of 2.0 is leveraging social media sites to get the word out about who you are.

You Must Establish Trust
There are several ways of establishing trust online. I think everything that I will be discussing in this article will have something to do with establishing trust with people. If we think about relationships off line and how they are developed, the same type principles apply to our Internet friendships and potential customers online. It takes time and spending time with people to establish kinship. I will be discussing how we can spend time with others on this digital World Wide Web throughout the article.

Using Your Photo or Logo
It’s funny; two really good friends of mine have yet to reveal what they look like on their Homestead websites. I’ve only really heard their voice once on a video they uploaded to Youtube. Yet, they have no less than five websites that circulate around their niche. Wouldn’t it make more sense if searchers could make a Homestead website connection with their face on each of the sites? So, if you want to be recognized as an authority in your niche, then you should get your face or logo plastered on your websites. The more people that see who you are the more comfortable they will be with purchasing things from you.

You Must Leverage the Power of Video
The Internet is going full blast toward video. You’ve got to jump on the train or your websites are going to be plundered by video rankings. If you have not noticed, video sites are topping Google’s results all of the time. The other thing about video is that people can hear and be able to see the person behind it all. Here again, you are establishing an authoritative presence and trust online. Learn to use screen recorders, get a Flip video recorder and upload to Revver, Youtube, Meta Café, Myspace, Yahoo and Google.

Use Web 2.0 or Social Media

Get your name out there by using Twitter, Hub Pages, Squidoo, Ezine Articles and free blogs like WordPress.   Many of these web platforms will let you embed your videos on the pages too. These sites get top rankings which will help establish your authority status online.

Publish Content Daily
Make a commitment to publish new content related to your niche on a daily basis. Get the  SEO Homestead eBook for taking your first steps toward learning how to write your content.

Self Promote
It’s funny, several years ago-I read an article where someone said something negative about self promotion. What the heck is marketing about if you are not supposed to promote yourself?  Tell McDonalds, Pepsi and Wal-mart that they should stop tooting their own horn because that is self promotion. Paaalease… give me a break!

Here is my last point that will help you establish yourself as an authority online. You must have a no mercy mindset. You have to run faster, farther and harder than your competition. Use every available means for promoting yourself, your company and your expertise in the niche that you are in.