How to Create Links in the Intuit SiteBuilder Program

Creating clickable text links in the Intuit website building program is pretty easy. In this lesson, I will explain how to create an active link and also discuss the various options available in the SiteBuilder related to this subject. There are two types of linking systems inside the Intuit web builder. One of your options is for developing a navigation bar that connects your pages together and the other option is creating anchor text connections. The later method is what we will be talking about today.

Follow these steps for linking pages together in the Intuit SiteBuilder Program

• The way you create links is by clicking on the “text” icon and entering your keyword phrase.
• Now, highlight the text by holding the left button down on the mouse.
• In the properties editor on the right-hand side of the page select “Link.”
• A new small window will open with several options.
• You can choose to “browse” your Intuit/Homestead SiteBuilder pages to find one to link the text to. After you select the page, you can either make it open in the current browser screen or have it open with a second page. These options are found at the bottom left of the small software display window.
• It’s possible to create links on the same page that you are working on in the SiteBuilder. This is done by opting for the feature on the left for linking on the same page. An example of creating this type of link would be if your text was at the bottom of the page and you wanted to link it to the top of the page. If you decide that you would like to create a link on the Intuit website page taking your visitors somewhere other than at the top, you can place the anchor icon anywhere on the page. When the highlighted text linking is complete the visitors will be taken wherever you placed the anchor on the page when the link is clicked on.
• To remove (or, “disable”) an active clickable link you must highlight the text and click on “remove link.” This will break the connection.
• When the space bar is used on the keyboard during the linking process you may end up with a large straight line that is an active link. To deactivate the area just highlight it and click on the “remove link” selection.

So, the process of working with the built-in navigation bar feature is a little bit more complex. Actually, everything inside the Homestead website program is easy to use once you understand how the software operates. Learning how to create text links that are clickable will help you be able to build thousands of Homestead website pages and connect them altogether.

The Intuit Site Builder software process for creating links is much easier than assembling HTML codes. Many of the programs that I’ve worked with require the web developer to have a basic knowledge of HTML codes in order to create an anchor text link. The web developers at Homestead made this entire process very simple for us to use.

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